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2018 was the year of the youth activist

These are the young activists who made their voices heard this year. Read more...

More about Mashable Video, Activism, Unicef, Immigration, and Gun Control

Google to invest $1 billion for new NYC campus

The tech behemoth is calling the new 1.7 million square-foot campus, "Google Hudson Square." Read more...

More about Google, Android, Mashable Video, New York City, and Campus

Vitaminwater is offering $100,000 to keep off your smartphone for a year

The beverage company is offering up big cash if you can stay unplugged. Read more...

More about Technology, Smartphone, Mashable Video, Contest, and Water

Save $400 off this Samsung 4K TV at Walmart and get a better deal than Black Friday

Holiday sales are the real gift that keep on giving. Just when you think you've seen the best deal available, suddenly another hits that's even better than before. 

Just check out this Samsung 4K TV that's on sale at Walmart.

The 55-inch Samsung NU7100 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is $477.99 at Walmart right now. That's $422 off the original price of $899.99 and $40 cheaper than it was on Black Friday.

If you're looking for a 4K TV on a budget, the NU7100 is definitely the one to go with. Samsung TVs are generally among some of the better 4K TVs you can purchase. You can clearly tell the difference between the 4K on a Samsung TV to a budget brand like Toshiba or Sharp.  Read more...

More about Samsung, 4k Tv, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Linkshare, and Tech

Twitter is bringing back the reverse chronological timeline today

The reverse chronological timeline is making a comeback.

Twitter is rolling out an update to all users today that makes it easier to revert back to the old timeline,  where tweets are shown in reverse chronological order rather than ranked by an algorithm.

Starting today, users will see a new sparkle icon in the upper-right side of the app. By tapping the icon, users can quickly switch between reverse chronological and algorithmic timelines.

The new feature will go live today on the iOS app. Twitter’s Android app as well as its website will see the feature pop up in the coming weeks.

Twitter's new sparkle icon in action.

Image: TWITTER

More about Twitter, Timeline, Tech, Web Culture, and Social Media Companies

2018 was the year self-driving cars hit a roadblock

It's been a long day. As you ride home from the office, you start to nod off. You close your eyes as the self-driving car merges onto the highway. When you’re zonked out 15 minutes later, the car changes your route because of traffic, and eventually you wake up at your destination. 

That’s the dream of autonomous cars — and some very smart people, including Google’s Sergey Brin, thought they’d already be driving people around public streets by now. That hasn’t happened. In fact, in 2018, progress stalled, sometimes with deadly consequences. 

SEE ALSO: Tesla's Model X gets a rival as Americans flock to trucks and SUVs Read more...

More about Autonomous Vehicles, Self Driving Cars, End Of Year 2018, Tech, and Transportation

The U.S. surrendered its climate leadership on the world stage

When the dust cleared and the gavel dropped, the United States’ place at the 2018 global climate negotiations — a two-week long affair in Poland attended by nearly 200 nations — had been sealed.

The superpower’s behavior will almost certainly be remembered as equal parts bizarre and unhelpful, not least for its resistance — on the global stage — to climate science that has been intensively studied for decades, confirmed and re-confirmed by distinguished institutions like NASA.

After wrapping up talks at the United Nations Climate Change Conference late Saturday night, Earth’s nations did eventually find an agreeable way to keep the historic 2015 Paris climate agreement alive, which is humanity’s emerging plan to dramatically reduce today’s extreme and unprecedented rise in carbon emissionsRead more...

More about Science, Global Warming, Climate Change, Trump Administration, and Science

Boost your job prospects with Udemy's best-selling career development course for £11.99

Blink and you'll miss Christmas. It's always the same. Weeks of build up and then it's over in a flash.

It's not all doom and gloom though, because the New Year comes around quickly and it's at this point that resolutions are made. 

For a lot of people this means making an effort to cut back on alcohol or junk food. But that's difficult to keep up for a whole year. A longer-term move that a lot of people make in the new year is to change jobs, and we have the course to help those people achieve their ambitions.

Udemy's best-selling career development course is now available for just £11.99, down from £29.99. 'The Complete Job, Interview, Résumé/LinkedIn and Network Guide' does what it says on the tin. The course combines guidance on interviewing skills, LinkedIn techniques, and networking, meaning you can secure your dream job in 2019. Read more...

More about Careers, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Solo, Udemy, and Online Courses

Coffee anyone? Shop Keurigs on sale for up to $50 off at Amazon and Walmart.

Winter and coffee go together (it's science), but venturing outside to get that coffee in the middle of winter just plain sucks.

As if you needed another reason to stay inside: numerous Keurigs are on sale at Amazon and Walmart today and the selection of discounted machines is even better than Cyber Monday

It's worth noting that even when they're not on sale, Keurigs pay for themselves after about five weeks if you're used to a daily Starbucks habit.

Whether you're in the market for a strong dark roast, a holiday-flavored iced latte, something to serve the whole office, or something cheap to meet a gift exchange price limit, there's something on sale for you. Read more...

More about Coffee, Keurig, Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, and Shopping Amazon

Waking up to your favorite music is easy as a dream — Clarification Please

No one likes waking up to the sound of an alarm clock, so why not wake up to your favorite song instead? Using your phone or a smart speaker, or inside a music app directly, you can ditch your alarm clock and wake up to something just a little more soothing. 

Read the full article here.

More about Spotify, Mashable Video, Pandora, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home

Woman tries to walk in ridiculous high heels, breaks every part of her body

Ever watch a video so powerful it makes you simultaneously scream out loud, want to barf, and vow to solely wear nothing but flat shoes for the rest of your life?

No? Well I regret to inform you that you're about to.

This absolutely cursed video making the rounds on social media shows things going terribly wrong after a woman tries on massive red high heeled shoes in a clothing store. As one might guess, she falls. But it's so much worse than that. The way in which her body contorts itself is a complete freaking nightmare.

SEE ALSO: These viral Instagram workout videos have gone too far

Her ankle bends, her knees buckle, her arms are done for, and she even hits her head! It's one of the most mortifying yet impressive injuries we've ever seen. Read more...

More about Shoes, Viral Video, Web Culture, Culture, and Web Culture

Frasier was Photoshopped into a bookstore on Google Maps, and it's perfect

Frasier has left entered the building!

McNally Jackson, an independent bookstore chain in New York City noticed that photos of their Williamsburg location were being altered on Google Maps. The alteration being: Dr. Frasier Crane, the popular character from the hit sitcom Frasier, was being Photoshopped into the bookstore's images.

"Somebody is photoshopping Dr. Frasier Crane into our Williamsburg store on Google Maps and honestly that’s fine," McNally Jackson tweeted on Monday.

Somebody is photoshopping Dr. Frasier Crane into our Williamsburg store on Google Maps and honestly that’s

— McNally Jackson (@mcnallyjackson) December 17, 2018

More about Photoshop, Google Maps, Fraiser, Book Shop, and Culture

Save $100 and get free two-day shipping on the 'Asteroids' cabinet arcade game from Walmart

The popularity of barcades — AKA bars-cum-arcades — have proven people still yearn for the days you could spend a whole day at the arcade with friends. 

But it would be nice to have an alternative to running up a bar tab to enjoy classic arcade games. Like, what if you could play those classic cabinet-style arcade games at home?

Thankfully Walmart can help with that.

The Arcade1Up Asteroids Machine is on sale for $199 on Walmart right now, which is $100 off the original price of $299. Walmart is also offering free two-day shipping on the cabinet if you can't wait or need an insanely good last-minute holiday gift. Read more...

More about Gaming, Asteroids, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Linkshare, and Entertainment

Snazzy new Jump e-bikes hint at Uber's e-scooter future

A swappable battery and no more clunky U-lock or keypad? These are just some of the changes coming in January on the red Jump electric-assist bicycles rentable through the Uber app.

The next generation of the shared bikes was announced Tuesday, almost a year after Uber acquired the bicycle company and integrated the bike service onto its main platform. In cities where Jump already has bikes, like San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, and Washington, D.C., the bikes will roll out starting Jan. 7. Eventually, new cities will see the next generation of the red bicycles arrive this year.

SEE ALSO: Behind the scenes with the vans and, yes, tricycles that make bike-shares ride smoothly Read more...

More about Uber, Jump, Bike Sharing, Scooter, and E Bike

8 times TV made us say 'Big Mood' in 2018

A lot happened in 2018. Probably too many things happened, but at least there was television to turn to when the going got tough. These are the TV moments that spoke to the way 2018 really made us feel, and perhaps even forced us to utter the most 2018 of phrases: "big mood."

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8. Tess doesn't want to talk to her parents on This Is Us

Image: nbc

Listen, the Pearsons are clearly a loving family unit but it is emotionally and vocally impossible for them to solve as many problems as they do with a rehearsed-sounding, heartfelt speech. Every single family member constantly talks about their feelings and problems, and their primary method of comforting people is long, Jack Pearson-y speeches peppered with adorable personal anecdotes. Bravo to Tess Pearson, who came out to her parents in the midseason finale, and qualified that she did not want to talk to them about her sexuality. Like at all. Finally, a Pearson who understands the value of taking her own time to think about her feelings. Read more...

More about Tv Shows 2018, End Of Year 2018, Big Mood Tv Moments, 8 Most Relatable Shows, and Entertainment

App Store glitch causes millions of ratings to disappear from apps like Instagram

A glitch in the App Store seems to have caused a panic for app developers.

Millions of app  ratings and reviews completely vanished from the App Store over the weekendThe Apple Post first noticed the disappearing ratings when developers started reporting that their apps were showing a sudden steep drop in rating and review counts.

As 9to5Mac pointed out, some popular apps, like Instagram, lost millions of ratings, dropping from 8 million to almost zero reviews.

“I think Apple just purged a bunch of App Store ratings,” tweeted app developer Jeff Johnson. “I suddenly went from 82 ratings to 39. My app is only 7 months old total. Not old ratings by any measure. This is a nightmare.” Read more...

More about Apple, Ios, App Store, Glitch, and Tech

Save over £100 and unwind with this Salter shiatsu back massager from the Amazon Christmas sale

Listen, we get it. It's December, you're tired, and you desperately need a rest. We all do. 

Collectively we've almost made it to the end of the year and while some are celebrating with a much needed holiday, not all of us are in a position to get away and recharge. 

Even though we might not be somewhere sunny with a cocktail in hand, that doesn't mean that we can't sit back and truly relax. The Salter back and shoulder shiatsu massager soothes sore muscles and tight knots that can build up over the year due to exercise and stress.

Christmas is the perfect time to unwind and what better way to relax than with a massage in your own home? You can enjoy a massage that’s just right for you with the easy to use controller, soothing heat feature, vibration setting with multiple intensities, and more: Read more...

More about Mashable Shopping, Shopping Solo, Shiatsu Back Neck Massager, Christmas Sales, and Shiatsu Massager

Miss Spain is the first-ever trans woman to compete in Miss Universe

Angela Ponce, a 27-year-old from Spain, became the first transgender woman to participate in the international competition. Read more...

More about Mashable Video, Transgender, Spain, Model, and Miss Universe

Teachers guess who is high from a lineup of strangers

As a teacher, you spend most of your time trying to determine who in your class is and is not high.

It's a Herculean task, but someone's got to do it. A new video from Cut Video features teachers trying to determine whether these strangers they're presented with are high. 

It's clear they're depressingly well-versed in the subject.

More about Watercooler, Humor, Viral Videos, Culture, and Web Culture

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