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Simone Biles defends one teammate after another's misguided comment about sexual assault

Aly Raisman, an American gymnast and member of the U.S. women's Olympic team, posted a message on Friday reminding everyone that a woman's appearance has nothing to do with whether or not she's assaulted. Drama ensued when teammate Gabby Douglas responded.

"Just to be clear ... just because a woman does a sexy photoshoot or wears a sexy outfit does not give a man the right to shame her or not believe her when she comes forward with sexual abuse," she wrote. 

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Raisman has been a vocal advocate for victims of sexual assault and harassment after sharing her experience of abuse by USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. An appearance on 60 Minutes last weekend brought her story to the forefront of the past two months' allegations of harassment and assault by powerful men across industries.  Read more...

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'The Incredibles 2' trailer focuses on Jack-Jack, the most adorable laser-spewing baby

The Incredibles are back, and they have a laser baby. This is great news.

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Disney Pixar's first-ever look at The Incredibles 2 reveals that the youngest member of the superhuman family has some new powers: Jack-Jack Parr can now shoot lasers out of his eyes. That's in addition to the shapeshifting, fire-making, and phasing powers he tapped into in the first movie.

The #Incredibles2 trailer is here. See the film in theatres in 3D June 15,

— Disney•Pixar (@DisneyPixar) November 18, 2017

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Dude jamming to Michael Jackson has some seriously infectious dance moves

It's no easy feat to get up and dance like no one's watching, especially when there are literally thousands of people watching. And someone is filming you. And you're in public.

Perhaps that's why the internet has fallen in ~viral love~ with this guy, who really went for it at Janet Jackson's show in Brooklyn on Wednesday night.

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The spins! The pointing! The panache of it all! And the best part: this doesn't even appear to have happened during the concert, but simply during some Michael Jackson tunes played beforehand. (In the video, it's "Remember the Time.") Read more...

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LGBTI activists are reclaiming Rwanda, one neighborhood at a time

Mailly walks into every room like she's auditioning for Next Top Model, even when it’s just her own kitchen.

She passes by the oven like she's stepping onto the runway. Applies her make-up like she's about to step onto a TV set for the last damn interview of the week

Mailly wants a bigger, more glamorous world than the one she’s been given. But as a trans woman in Kigali, Rwanda's capital, her stage is limited: kitchen, bedroom, the occasional bar. She can't go to work because she can't apply for employment without producing identification and revealing the sex she was assigned at birth. She can't escape to America, even for a brief trip, because the country doesn’t readily grant visas to Rwandans like her, and likely won't for a long time. Read more...

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This is what a meteor looks like from space

You can see a lot of amazing things from space. 

Astronauts on the International Space Station have spotted auroras dancing above Earth, menacing thunderstorms, destructive hurricanes, and just this month a European astronaut on the Space Station caught sight of a meteor shooting through the Earth's atmosphere. 

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European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Paolo Nespoli managed to catch the fireball falling to Earth in a time-lapse video on November 5. 

And here a closer look! Make a wish... I already did 😉 // E qui visto da più vicino! Esprimete un desiderio... Io l'ho già fatto 😉 #VITAmission

— Paolo Nespoli (@astro_paolo) November 16, 2017

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AC/DC guitarist and co-founder Malcolm Young dead at 64

Malcolm Young, whose crunching guitar provided the rhythmic backbone of AC/DC for more than 40 years, died on Saturday at the age of 64.

Young, who co-founded the Australian hard rock band with his younger brother Angus in 1973, stuck with the band — and, by most accounts, served as its leader — until he retired in 2014. His retirement was prompted by the onset of dementia.

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The band confirmed Young's passing in a statement posted to its Facebook page. The post also includes a second, more personal statement from Angus himself.

"As his brother, it is hard to express in words what he has meant to me during my life, the bond we had was unique and very special," Angus wrote. "He leaves behind an enormous legacy that will live on forever." Read more...

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Complimentary tote bags are killing us slowly, quietly, one by one

Among America's unforgiving recycling elite, no bag is more universally revered than the almighty canvas tote bag.

Once a demonized member of the bag community, the canvas tote has risen to prominence in recent years as a socially conscious sustainable alternative to plastic. Wherever you go, you're bound to be circled by aggressive tote bag pushers, who offer the tote as a "complimentary gift" in exchange for your charitable contribution or participation in some boring-ass event.   

Alone, tote bags are benign. Together, they're a malevolent force of nature. Overstocked American kitchen cabinets are struggling to breathe, suffocating under the weight of their tote bag mountain. Read more...

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Why OnePlus is launching the 5T only five months after its last flagship phone

"When we launched the OnePlus 5, there was no plan to release the OnePlus 5T," Kyle Kiang, OnePlus' head of global marketing, told me a week before the new phone's splashy launch event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It's a peculiar admission, but it fits perfectly with the Chinese startup's motto to "Never Settle." OnePlus' unwavering mission to deliver the latest technologies as soon as possible not only keeps its products up to date with the latest mobile trends, but puts the heat on the Samsung's of the world to deliver experiences that'll justify spending $1,000 on a new phone.

SEE ALSO: The OnePlus 5T is here with a larger screen and even better dual cameras Read more...

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Apple finally lets visitors onto its 'spaceship' campus

Steve Jobs' last big project is finally ready for the public — but you have to go to Cupertino to see it.

I'm talking, of course, about Apple's famed "spaceship" campus. Though employees moved in months ago, and Apple launched the iPhone X in the newly minted Steve Jobs Theatre, none of the campus has been open to the public — until now.

On Friday, Apple officially opened the doors of Apple Park's Visitor Center — the public face of the company's storied new headquarters — and the Apple faithful were there in full force to savor the moment.

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This Black Friday, save thousands on these OLED TVs

LG is the latest electronics retailer to drop its Black Friday catalog, which includes major discounts on some of the best TVs on the market. 

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The full list is available on LG's Black Friday Page, and includes discounts on home appliances, phones, and gaming devices, as well as the lowest prices ever seen on its OLED TVs. 

OLED B7A Series

55-inch — $1500 (from $1600)

65-inch — $2300 (from $2600)

OLED E7 Series

55-inch — $2500 (from $3000)

65-inch — $3500 (from $4000)

OLED G7 Series

77-inch — $10000 (from $15000)

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How to become a great public speaker for less than $20

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

There’s a reason that people find public speaking scarier than death and natural disasters — between all the sweating, the shaking, the tripping over your words, and figuring out what the hell to do with your hands, it can be terrifying.

If just reading that is making you a little sick to your stomach, you could probably benefit from a few lessons in great public speaking. So can most people. Being able to speak confidently and make a powerful presentation can help you both personally and professionally, no matter what you do for a living. Business Career Coaching knows that, which is why they’ve put together their Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course. Read more...

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Invisible earplugs are the perfect stocking stuffer for music lovers

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

That audiophile in your life can be so difficult to shop for, especially if you're one of those low-maintenance listeners who's never really understood the appeal of, say, collecting fragile vinyl records. (In your defense, Spotify's library of tunes is extremely large and extremely free.)

Well, fret not: The Mashable Shop is currently holding a sale on the EarDials, a set of smart, transparent earplugs that make the perfect stocking stuffer for any music snob who still wants to be able to be able to hear after the encore wraps up. (Imagine that!) Read more...

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9 things you definitely shouldn't do if you want to win 'Fortnite' Battle Royale

Fortnite, or more specifically its Battle Royale mode, is pretty great. It's sort of like The Hunger Games, only with fewer mutant wolves.

SEE ALSO: 'PUBG' developer doesn't like that Epic Games is making a battle royale game

Basically 100 of you get airdropped onto an island where you go running around looking for guns and loot and taking each other out until there's only one person left standing. 

Anyway, after many hours of playtime and a large number of embarrassing failures, I've now managed to win a whopping — wait for it — five games. 

I'm no expert, in other words. But, if you're new to the game (available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC) and have yet to bag any wins, you may be able to learn from my many mistakes. Read more...

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Selfie tourism is killing these incredibly cute creatures

Warning: this article contains images of animal abuse which some may find distressing.

A small furry creature huddles close to a tree branch on the edge of the forest. Its large, globular eyes are shut (it’s daytime, and so now it sleeps); its strong hands and arms hold firm even as it slumbers.

SEE ALSO: Baby manatees take to the sky for rehabilitation

In a deep sleep, the creature doesn’t hear the rustling of approaching predators. Before it knows what's happening, it's plucked from the tree and bundled into a bag. When it is finally taken out into the blinding light of day, metal pliers are forced into its mouth to clip its teeth. Then it is shoved into a wire cage, alone and in pain. Read more...

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Fireballs shoot across sky as Leonid meteor shower peaks

The Leonids meteor shower has been active for the past two weeks and this weekend the cosmic debris show is hitting its peak. 

Leonids, named for the constellation Leo where the shower appears to originate from, started earlier this month and should give something of a show over the next few days. It's true peak appeared to be Friday morning — early. It will continue until the beginning of December.

SEE ALSO: The moon will have close encounters with two star clusters this week

Already some impressive displays have lit up the night sky. This particular meteor shower occurs when crossing the debris of Comet Temple/Tuttle, which orbits the sun every 33 years. Read more...

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Yup, 'Jane the Virgin' just killed [spoiler]! Who did it?

Spoilers for Friday's episode of Jane the Virgin

To be fair, Narrator did warn us.

A few episodes ago, Narrator told us that this season one of six characters (Rafael, Petra, Luisa, Alba, Anezka, or Magda) would die. It's the oldest trick in the book, after all.

Well friends, Friday's episode ended with Petra discovering her evil(ish) twin sister Anezka, dead, hanging from the ceiling, and a tease from Narrator: She didn't kill herself.


SEE ALSO: Read an excerpt from 'Jane the Virgin' companion novel 'Snow Falling' — but be prepared to cry

This is devastating news for those of us who love to watch Yael Grobglas continue to impress by hilariously portraying both twins, but from a storytelling perspective, it certainly makes sense: You can only pull the old switcharoo so many times. I'm excited to see how this plot unfolds, and what mayhem at the Marbella ensues because of it. (Seriously, how many murders does it take to shut down a hotel?!) Read more...

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Ryan Seacrest responds to sexual harassment allegations as E! opens investigation

Ryan Seacrest is denying allegations of sexual harassment from a stylist who worked with the host during his time at E! News.

Mashable has confirmed that E! has opened an investigation into Seacrest, following claims from an unnamed former E! News wardrobe stylist alleging that Seacrest "behaved inappropriately" toward her a decade ago.

While the stylist has not yet come forward publicly, meaning that details regarding the complaint are still unknown, Seacrest released a statement preemptively addressing the accusations.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The alleged victim is said to have, through her representation, made a substantial financial ask in exchange for her silence, which, a source tells The Hollywood Reporter, Seacrest declined via his lawyers." Read more...

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Serena Williams shares intimate moment from her wedding day

Tennis star Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian tied the knot at a private wedding ceremony at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans on Thursday.

The intimate and star-studded event was apparently Beauty and the Beast themed, with major names like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian West, and Anna Wintour in attendance. 

Williams shared a personal moment to her Instagram account on Friday, which shows her sitting alone in her wedding dress. Look again, folks, that is not a white couch, that's her dress.

SEE ALSO: Serena Williams wrote a wonderful letter to her mother about newborn Alexis, body image, and more Read more...

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Lena Dunham defends 'Girls' writer accused of rape

"Girls" creator Lena Dunham and her co-producer and writer Jenni Konner have defended a writer from the HBO show who was accused of raping a 17-year-old actress. He was 35 at the time of the alleged assault. 

The allegations against writer Murray Miller, now 40, were reported Friday by The Wrap. Actress Aurora Perrineau, currently 23, filed a police report earlier this year claiming he raped her in 2012 after a drunken night out. Dunham and Konner sent a statement late Friday to The Hollywood Reporter, essentially calling Perrineau a liar. 

"While our first instinct is to listen to every woman’s story, our insider knowledge of Murray’s situation makes us confident that sadly this accusation is one of the 3 percent of assault cases that are misreported every year," they wrote. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, the rate of false reporting for sexual assault ranges from 2 percent to 8 percent. Read more...

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These $99 true wireless earbuds are cheaper and sound better than AirPods

There are three reasons why Apple's AirPods are considered the best true wireless earbuds you can buy: They're small, pair really easily to iOS devices, and only cost $159.

Everyone from Samsung to Jaybird to Bose have their own alternatives, but they cost even more. $159 for AirPods is a great price, but Crazy Baby, the company behind that crazy Mars levitating Bluetooth speaker, thinks it can offer even better sound for an even lower $99.

SEE ALSO: Google Pixel Buds review: They're great... if you own a Pixel phone

You may not have heard about Crazy Baby, but they've actually got some experience building true wireless earbuds. Read more...

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