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This 34-inch Dell UltraSharp curved monitor is $420 off with code

TL;DR: This 34-inch UltraSharp monitor from Dell is a multitaskers paradise is only $679.99 with code SAVE15, saving you $420 in total. It also comes with a free $100 Dell gift card.

Too Many Tabs Syndrome is definitely a thing.

We hope that having tabs lined up will help us cross them off like a to-do list, but that never happens. Instead, the headache from staring at a computer screen just heightens from squinting to read minuscule tab titles, and being productive turns into being overwhelmed.

Get your shit in order with a curved monitor from Dell. This UltraSharp model is 34 inches wide and offers a way more immersive view than your average flat monitor. It usually goes for $1,099, but is on sale for $799 — and with code SAVE15, you can save a total of $420 and get it for $679.99 plus a $100 Dell gift card. Read more...

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10 ways to have fun when you're stuck in an office this summer

As an adult, the warmer months tend to blur together like long-forgotten calendar notifications hitting you all at once. "Wait, it's June? Now it's July? Mid-August? How did we get here?" 

Forget about the "Sunday Scaries" — nothing beats that sinking feeling of existential dread when you realize it's been X number of years since you've been out of school. Meaning it's been X number of years since you've had a proper summer vacation. Bummer. 

Sure, if your company's big enough, they might throw you a summertime bone by letting you out at 2 p.m. on Friday or catering an occasional BBQ luncheon. But if the focus is more on the bottom line than employee moral time, you might be stuck counting the days until you're chugging cheap beer out of a paper bag on the train with all the other pastel short-clad bros on your only three-day weekend. Read more...

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The Dyson Multi Floor 2 upright vacuum is on sale for under $300 — save $110

TL;DR: This multitasking Dyson upright vacuum retails for $399.99, but you can get on sale on Amazon right now for just $289.99.

Crushing your to-do list feels great, sure, but all that multitasking can take a serious toll on your intellect: Studies have shown that people who multitask during cognitive exercises experience a drop in their IQ score on par with people who pull all-nighters. 

But it's not just your brain that suffers when you multitask; your career can take a hit, too: Further research reveals our productivity drops when we force our brains to do two things at once, switch between activities, or do one thing right after the other.  Read more...

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Apple's Tim Cook slams Silicon Valley over 'false promises' and 'chaos'

Apple CEO Tim Cook had a few words of wisdom for Stanford's 2019 graduating class.

During his commencement speech at Stanford University on Sunday, Cook praised technology's role in "remaking society," but also warned about letting it go unchecked. He urged graduates to be fearless in building things, but to also take responsibility for their effects on society.

Without naming any specific companies, Cook threw shade at Silicon Valley for thinking "good intensions excuse away horrible outcomes." 

The Apple CEO indirectly called out companies such as Facebook and Theranos for abusing their positions of power without first considering the consequences. Read more...

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Apple will release two 5G-ready iPhones in 2020, according to analyst

Mobile 5G internet is still a dream for most, but Apple could help make it a reality next year.

That's what TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks. He said Monday in a research note that two of Apple's three iPhones released in 2020 will be 5G-compatible for the first time.

Kuo's note said Apple will release three OLED iPhones next year, backing up an earlier DigiTimes report. If you want 5G, you'll need to get the 5.4-inch or the 6.7-inch model; the 6.1-inch model will still only go up to LTE, per the research note.

In clearer terms, that means Apple will basically do what it did last year. The company will release two higher-end phones like the XS and XS Max, while a more affordable option brings up the rear like the XR. If those sizes are accurate, it means the successor to the XS will be slightly smaller and the successor to the XS Max will be slightly bigger. Read more...

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This 6-quart Crock-Pot is on sale for less than $50 at Walmart

TL;DR: This classic 6-quart programmable Crock-Pot is on sale for $48.61, saving you more than $20 off the original price.

Slow cookers are one of the best graduation gifts. You won't change our mind.

Everyone hypes up MacBooks and iPads as the things to get, but practical gifts are just as important. The grad in your life will understand when they're able to make their own home-cooked meals like lasagna or chicken tacos while friends blow their bank accounts on Uber Eats.

We'll even help you pick the model: This 6-quart programmable cooker from Crock-Pot is on sale for $48.61, saving you $21.38 on the regular price of $69.99. Read more...

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The Keurig Café is on sale on Amazon — save $50

TL;DR: The versatile Keurig Café can make a plethora of coffee-based beverages, and you can save $50 and get one for just $149.99 on Amazon.

There’s not much that can make a Monday morning less awful then it will inevitably be — the weekend has come to an abrupt end, you’re more tired than usual, and you have to be up bright and early to get your butt to work. There’s at least one thing that you can do for some well-needed damage control, though: Make a delicious cup of coffee. But to do this, you’ll need a reliable and versatile coffee maker — a.k.a. one of the most important kitchen appliances you can own.  Read more...

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Cuisinart cast iron cookware is $60 off at Amazon

TL;DR: Cuisinart cast iron cookware works so well because of its ability to retain and distribute heat, and you can grab some on sale for $69.99, a savings of $60.

Kitchen gadgets are, like any technology, continuously improving and advancing. There are tons of cool appliances to add to your lineup, like Instant Pots and air fryers. But sometimes you just need something tried and true, like sturdy cast iron cookware.

Today at Amazon, you can grab Cuisinart cast iron cookware pieces on sale for 46% off, dropping their prices down to $69.99. Choose from select frying skillets and casserole dishes on sale. Read more...

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This viral hack for peeling garlic is blowing Twitter's collective mind

While the internet is riddled with ridiculously unnecessary "life hacks," we think you'll find this one quite a-peeling

If you've ever cooked anything, ever, you've probably used garlic at one point or another. If wine is the nectar of the gods, garlic is the holy vegetable (root? bulb?) equivalent. In fact, so many cultures around the world rely on garlic in their cooking, that it's now become a meme that that amount listed in recipes is merely a suggestion

That doesn't mean that's it's any less of a delicious pain in the ass to peel. 

Sure, many seasoned chefs out there are accustomed to the ol' knife smash technique. But a variety of viral techniques have popped up over the years, including lots of shaking the garlic like it's a polaroid picture.   Read more...

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Elon Musk 'deletes' Twitter account after bizarre video game fan art scandal

After a weekend filled with more Twitter tomfoolery, Elon Musk has finally "deleted" his account on the social network.

The 47-year-old Tesla CEO made his avatar pitch black, changed his display name to "Daddy DotCom" and tweeted that he had deleted his account in the wee hours of Monday morning. 

Just deleted my Twitter account

— Daddy DotCom (@elonmusk) June 17, 2019

We'll have to wait and see if Musk is actually serious about getting off Twitter. The move came after a weekend filled with bizarre and somewhat controversial tweets from the tech billionaire, the most notable of which involved video game fan art, of all things. Read more...

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'Hunger Games' prequel novel coming in 2020

Author Suzanne Collins will return to Panem for an untitled prequel set 64 years before The Hunger Games.

“Suzanne Collins is a master at combining brilliant storytelling, superb world building, breathtaking suspense, and social commentary,” Scholastic Trade Publishing President Ellie Berger said in a statement to The Associated Press. “We are absolutely thrilled — as both readers and publishers — to introduce the devoted fans of the series and a new audience to an entirely new perspective on this modern classic.”

The last Hunger Games novel, Mockingjay, released in 2010, and the last film hit theaters in 2015. Collins is reportedly also working closely with Lionsgate to bringing the prequel to the big screen, though there has been no public announcement of an official deal. Read more...

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PSA for big file sharers and movie downloaders: These are the best VPNs for torrenting in the UK

File sharing has come a long way since LimeWire — but users of torrenting sites may still have security and privacy fears.

This is where VPNs — which encrypt data leaving your computer and make it impossible for others to see what you’re downloading — come in handy. To the uninitiated, these virtual private networks assign a virtual IP address to obscure your real location from others, which is important when sharing snippets of files with other users of a torrenting client, especially if what you’re sharing is copyrighted material. (This is of course illegal and we do not condone it!)

SEE ALSO: The best free VPNs in the UK, and paid alternatives Read more...

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How to Mine the SERPs for SEO, Content & Customer Insights via @RoryT11

Search Engine Journal - 9 hours 36 min ago

Here's how to mine the SERPs to identify topical and linguistic trends and help you improve your SEO performance.

The post How to Mine the SERPs for SEO, Content & Customer Insights via @RoryT11 appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

The first photo from Steven Spielberg's 'West Side Story' intros the Sharks and the Jets

Our first look at Steven Spielberg's take on West Side Story is here.

The photo (above) highlights the story's two rival New York City gangs — the Sharks and the Jets — and the romantic coupling that threatens to tear them all apart. Stars Ansel Elgot (Tony) and newcomer Rachel Zegler (Maria) are situated right in the middle, as it should be.

Spielberg's take on a bona fide Broadway classic sticks to the original's 1957 setting, as you probably gathered already from the fashion choices in this photo. The musical is essentially a modernized twist on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with urban street gangs taking the place of warring Italian families in the 14th century. Read more...

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Save up to £900 on desktops and laptops in Dell’s 72-hour sale: Alienware, Inspiron, and more

TL;DR: Save up to £900 on hundreds of popular laptops and desktops in the Dell 72-hour sale, with the code SAVE14.

If you are on the look out for a new laptop or desktop, then it's your lucky day. Well, actually it's your lucky 72 hours, because Dell has launched a sale with 14 percent off hundreds of its best devices.

You can now save up to £900 on hundreds of desktops and laptops in Dell’s 72-hour sale. It couldn't be easier to save. You just need to input the code SAVE14 in the basket, and that's it. The sale ends on June 19, so you do need to act fast. There's so many great devices on offer though that it shouldn't be tricky to find something you like. Read more...

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Save over £340 on a Sony Bravia 4K HDR Ultra HD TV with Google Assistant

TL;DR: The powerful Sony Bravia XE80 4K TV is available for just £459, saving you over £340 on list price.

No home is truly complete without a TV. You might be the book-reading type of family, but come on, what are you going to point your furniture at without a TV?

If you are a TV-watching kind of family, then you need an impressive model to satisfy an expectant audience. The Sony Bravia XE80 4K TV is just that, with powerful features including 4K High Dynamic Range. 

The Sony Bravia XE80 is all about exceptional picture quality, with striking contrast, real-life colours, and 4K detail. It also has a really stylish and slim design, making it an attractive addition to any home. With the Google Assistant built-in, you can also use your voice to find your favourite programmes, apps, videos, or music, as well as search for information and more. It's the complete package, basically. Read more...

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The Microsoft Surface Laptop is down to under £500 on Amazon

TL;DR: The portable Microsoft Surface Laptop is down to under £500 on Amazon, saving you £299.01 on list price.

Laptops are great for surfing the web, watching your favourite shows, and a bunch of other fun activities. Unfortunately, what we generally use our laptops for more than anything else is work. It's a sad fact of life, but an important one to remember when it comes to purchasing a new device.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop is a great option for anyone that needs to get work done on the go. For a start, it's massively portable, weighing just 1.25 kilograms. So it's not going to weigh you down when you're trying to navigate your way through the crowds. It also has an impressive 11-hour battery life, meaning you can hunker down for a marathon study session whenever you need to. Read more...

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Apple iPhones, Sony speakers, eufy smart scales, Toshiba 4K TVs, Bose headphones, and more on sale for June 17 in the UK

We have some good news to brighten your Monday. We have tracked down the best deals on speakers, headphones, grooming essentials, Amazon devices, and much more, all for you.

You can save on a wide range of top products from the biggest brands, including Apple, Bose, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic. This is your best chance to pick up a 4K TV, portable speaker, or electric toothbrush, at a heavily discounted rate.

These are the best deals from across the internet for June 17.

Best of the best

We have handpicked the very best deals from across the web, with chances to save on Amazon devices, gaming subscriptions, 4K TVs, and more. Read more...

More about Amazon, Speaker, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Uk, and Uk Deals IMAGE: AMAZON £636.65 £112.35 OFF (15%) £749 Apple iPhone 8 (256 GB) -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £59.99 £10.00 OFF (14%) £69.99 Kindle -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £99.99 £20 OFF (17%) £119.99 Kindle Paperwhite -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £69.99 £20 OFF (22%) £89.99 Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £34.99 £15 OFF (30%) £49.99 Echo Dot (3rd Gen) -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £19.99 £6 OFF (23%) £25.99 Anker Power Bank -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £13.59 £4.40 OFF (24%) £17.99 Anker Wireless Charger -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £179 £70 OFF (28%) £249 Toshiba 32-Inch Smart Full-HD LED TV -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £34.99 PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £14.99 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 3 Months -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £38.90 £21.10 OFF (35%) £60 Sony SRS-XB10 Compact Portable Wireless Speaker -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £59.99 £40.01 OFF (40%) £100 Sony SRS-XB21 Portable Wireless Waterproof Speaker -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £139 £30.95 OFF (18%) £169.95 Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £149 £50.95 OFF (25%) £199.95 Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £48.54 £41.45 OFF (46%) £89.99 Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Bluetooth Speaker -- See Details
IMAGE: £11.99 £8.00 OFF (40%) £19.99 Betron A3 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £160 £39.95 OFF (20%) £199.95 Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £289 £40.95 OFF (12%) £329.95 Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £43.99 £82 OFF (65%) £125.99 ENACFIRE Wireless Headphones -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £97.29 £52.71 OFF (35%) £150 Sony WH-CH700N Bluetooth Headphones -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £79.99 £220 OFF (73%) £299.99 Oral-B Genius 9000 Electric Toothbrush -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £55 £74.99 OFF (58%) £129.99 Oral-B Smart 4500N CrossAction Electric Toothbrush -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £70.91 £209.08 OFF (75%) £279.99 Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Electric Toothbrush -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £105 £194.99 OFF (65%) £299.99 Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 Electric Toothbrush -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £34.99 £30.01 OFF (46%) £65 Philips Series 5000 Beard and Stubble Trimmer -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £54.99 £45.00 OFF (45%) £99.99 Panasonic ER-GB86 Wet and Dry Ultimate Beard Trimmer -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £54.88 £45.12 OFF (45%) £100 BaByliss for Men Super Stubble XTP Beard Trimmer -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £39.99 £49.01 OFF (55%) £89 eufy Smart Scale with Bluetooth -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £25.99 £10.00 OFF (28%) £35.99 RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale -- See Details
IMAGE: AMAZON £26.97 £23.02 OFF (46%) £49.99 1byone Smart Body Fat Scales -- See Details

This educator wants to give non-binary people the visibility they deserve

Every day of Pride Month, Mashable will be sharing illuminating conversations with members of the LGBTQ community who are making history right now.

While non-binary people have always existed in America, more and more people are rejecting the gender binary.

In part, that's because the culture is starting to changeA study recently published by the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found that more than six in ten Americans say they've become more supportive of transgender rights in the past five years, compared to 25 percent who have become more opposed. That's a remarkable shift. Read more...

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