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This flashlight is all you need for your camping trip

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 18:08

The Flashtorch's light is so powerful, it can start a fire. Read more...

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Cuisinart PerfecTemp electric kettle only $42 at Walmart

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 17:56

TL;DR: Buy a cordless Cuisinart PerfecTemp electric kettle for just $42.99 at Walmart. This is 57% off the original price, and currently cheaper than Amazon

New college students don't have a lot of space to work with. Dorms can get a little cramped, so how do you make space for only the most essential appliances? It's hard to say no to a coffee maker or even a rice cooker, but don't sleep on the usefulness of an electric kettle. And right now you can get our favorite electric kettle on sale at Walmart to enjoy tea time with all of your new college friends. 

With a retail price that starts at $99.95, you save about $57 on a cordless kettle for your dorm. So far, this is the lowest price available right now, with Amazon the closest at $51.04Read more...

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IHG just launched Holiday Inn ads with a surprisingly real message

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 17:33

If you purchase something through MashStash, Mashable might earn some cash through an affiliate commission. 

When was the last time you actually laughed out loud with your best friend? Sure, a “LOL” over text counts for staying in touch, but nothing really compares to an IRL catchup. 

In a series of new ads for two of the largest hotel brands in the world, Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express, IHG captures those “had to be there” moments with just the right amount of realness. These ads put genuine, human connection in the spotlight rather than amenities like super-fast WiFi and fitness facilities — which, of course, you’ll still find at check-in.  Read more...

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Apple to sue Corellium over ‘illegal replication’ of iOS

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 17:32

“Corellium's true goal is profiting off its blatant infringement…Corellium encourages its users to sell any discovered information on the open market to the highest bidder."

Read more here.

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Making calls with Siri or Google could get you scammed

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 17:29

Scammers can buy search ads with false phone numbers and pay to feature them in search results. This can lead to you accidentally calling their numbers and getting your personal info stolen.

Read more here.

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Dads created this collapsible child carrier

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 17:24

MINIMEIS is ergonomic, distributing a child's weight evenly while keeping them safely strapped in with a 9-point seat belt. Read more...

More about Mashable Video, Dads, Child Carrier, Tech, and Innovations

Microsoft Surface laptops are on sale for under $700 at Amazon

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 16:28

TL;DR: Get a compact Microsoft Surface laptop (1st Gen, Intel Core i5) for less than $700 at Amazon. Choose the configuration that works best for you and get up to 52% off

The most important tool in a college student's arsenal is the trusty laptop. Only the best laptops provide the perfect mix of portability and power to make it easy to move from the lecture hall to the coffee shop. And they don't hurt when you need to just sit back in bed and binge Netflix in case class get canceled. One particular notebook that can check every box is a Microsoft Surface, and you're in luck with a special sale going on right now at Amazon.  Read more...

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Mr. Coffee's single-cup brewer is on sale for nearly 40% off at Walmart

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 16:23

TL;DR: This single-cup Mr. Coffee brewer that comes with its own travel mug is only $54.99 at Walmart. It's sold for $89.99 on the brand's website, so you'll save $35.

Never is a coffee maker more important than in the wee hours before a mandatory 7:45 a.m. power lecture (*shudders*). Machines of the single-serve variety can come in real handy for those mornings when you barely have time to squeeze in a shower, let alone a mad dash to your dining hall or local café, because they require little hassle on your part and brew really fast — fast enough to whip up a cup of piping hot coffee before you can even wipe the sleep out of your eyes. Read more...

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Smoky Anchorage has the worst air quality in the U.S.

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 16:22

Anchorage's smoky summer won't relent. As of Tuesday morning, the most populated city in Alaska had the worst air quality in the nation, according to the World Air Quality Index

A number of late-season wildfires have perpetuated Anchorage's hazy summer, which has been the city's smokiest summer on record. On Tuesday morning, smoke levels ranked as "unhealthy," with an air quality index of 175. 

Warming Alaska — the fastest-changing state in the U.S. — has been primed for wildfire this summer, after the Last Frontier experienced record-breaking heat waves and its hottest July ever recorded (reliable temperature data in Alaska goes back nearly a century, to 1925). The area burned this summer, while not record-breaking, still amounts to one of Alaska's largest documented fire years, having scorched some 2.44 million acres, an area about twice the size of Delaware.  Read more...

More about Science, Global Warming, Climate Change, Alaska, and Anchorage

Here’s a guide for downloading web pages, articles to read offline

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 16:03

Whether it's that "NYT" article or the latest blind item from "BlindGossip," you may find yourself wanting to do some reading in a place without WiFi. That's where these tips come in.

Read more here.

More about Tech, Mashable Video, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

More delivery robots head to college campuses to bring you late-night pizza

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 16:03

If you live on a college campus, prepare to see more delivery robots around. Just don't expect one of them to bring you beer.

Starship Technologies has announced that their slow, steady, and meticulous takeover of the world will continue at 100 universities in the next two years, thanks to $40 million in new funding, presumably from the pro-Skynet contingent. 

The robots will deliver just about everything: Starbucks, pizza, sushi, and anything else a college kid might need at 1 a.m. during finals week or your average Tuesday night. (CNET notes the robots typically deliver anytime between 8 a.m. and 2 a.m., seven days a week.) Read more...

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The Apple Card fits perfectly into 'American Psycho' in this seamless re-edit

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 16:00

Thought American Psycho couldn’t get more, well...psycho?

Thanks to YouTube channel NeonFlareify, the infamous fictional investment banker/serial killer has a new tool with which to try and one-up his fellow finance bros: The Apple Card, in all its laser-etched glory. Because it’s 2019, and business cards are so yesterday.

The edit seamlessly brings the scene into modernity, with Bateman and his squad of hair-slicked elites taking turns showing off their cards in a not-so-subtle showing of finance culture gamesmanship.

If the Apple Card re-imagining is any indication, it won’t be long before we’re all drooling over our new status symbols, sure to be available in a variety of colors. “That’s hubcap,” we’ll say, highlighting the card’s metallic shade. But don’t forget all the other options that will undoubtedly be available: Steel, aged platinum, thundercloud, off-titanium, ice pigeon, gra — yeah, they’re all the same color. But no less “tastefully thicc.” Read more...

More about Apple, American Psycho, Apple Card, Culture, and Web Culture

Everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in September 2019

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:48

Celebrate back-to-school season with some good, old-fashioned homework — courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

This September, the streaming service is assigning a whole bunch of cinematic classics to your watch list. From timeless comedies like Election to haunting dramas like The Talented Mr. Ripley, they've got plenty of those movies you've been meaning to get around to seeing for years, but just haven't found the time for yet.

Looking for a more contemporary cram session? Recent favorites like Disney's live-action Aladdin, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, and Booksmart are available for rent or purchase. Read more...

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Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson's 'Marriage Story' gets two heartbreaking trailers

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:39

Every relationship belongs to at least two people. Movies can usually only pick one point of view, but the dual companion teasers to Noah Baumbach's Marriage Story, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, show the titular union as it appears to both parties.

Both teasers ask their respective protagonists: What do you love about your partner? Driver and Johansson answer in character, with minimal overlap in footage (and different songs in the background) before building to a tense and pivotal conversation for them both.

"Marriage Story is a love story that reveals itself within the breakdown," Baumbach said in a Netflix press release. "With these companion trailers I wanted to show the relationship through the eyes of both characters. There are many sides to every story, and the movie embraces these different viewpoints in order to find the shared truth.”  Read more...

More about Entertainment, Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, Noah Baumbach, and Marriage Story

Nintendo forces YouTube to remove vids featuring its music

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:33

Recently, two YouTube channels with a combined 900,000 subscribers have found themselves hit with copyright infringement violations. In the case of one channel, termination was the end result.

Read more here.

More about Music, Mashable Video, Nintendo, Video Games, and Culture

A new smart camera might transform the devices of tomorrow

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:25

The more this camera for device makers is clicked, the smarter it becomes.  Read more...

More about Tech, Mashable Video, Ai, Camera, and Smart Camera

Burrow's new Sleep Kit is a couch surfer's dream

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:18

Whether you were down on your luck at one point or simply drained one too many White Claws while hanging at a buddy’s apartment, you’ve most likely had to crash on somebody’s couch before — and we probably don’t have to remind you about the back pain and wave of regret that comes along with that. 

Instead of spending another night on a wonky air mattress or rock-solid futon, Burrow (you know, the people who make those super comfy, super trendy couches?) have a brand new Sleep Kit. It's their solution to the avid couch surfer’s greatest plights. 

That's the face of pure bliss, right there.

Image: burrow

More about Sleep, Sofas, Mashable Shopping, Burrow, and Mattresses

Sony's Xperia 1 smartphone is $100 off for Prime members

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:13

TL;DR: Prime members can score an all-new Sony Xperia 1 from Amazon for just $849.99. The extra-wide smartphone usually costs $949.99, so you'll save $100.

"Apple iPhone versus Samsung Galaxy" is a debate as old as time, like "Pepsi versus Coke" or "Marvel versus DC" or "Team Jacob versus Team Edward." (Team Jacob all the way, FWIW.)

Sony threw its hat in the smartphone ring back in 2008 with a family of devices called Xperia, which never took off like iPhones or other Android devices despite having a couple cool features. But that could all change with the new Sony Xperia 1, a smartphone released this past June sporting an extra-wide display that Mashable's Ray Wong called "refreshing."  Read more...

More about Sony, Smartphones, Xperia, Sony Xperia, and Mashable Shopping

This 13-piece Cuisinart cookware set is $93 off at Walmart

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:08

TL;DR: This durable 13-piece cookware set from Cuisinart is on sale for $107.38 at Walmart, saving you $91.62 off of Cuisinart's official price.

National Garage Sale Day was just a few weeks ago (Aug. 8, if you were wondering), and we'd put money on the fact that pots and pans were one of the most popular items. 

If you missed the shopping holiday, you shouldn't have to head into the school year with subpar cooking utensils and a microwave as your only go-to.

There are still opportunities to get brand new sets on the cheap: This 13-piece hard anodized set from Cuisinart is usually $185.71 (but more accurately $199, if you go by Cuisinart's official site) but is on sale for $107.38 with free next-day or free two-day delivery options. Read more...

More about Cooking, Kitchen, Cuisinart, Mashable Shopping, and Cookware

Conair GS2 Complete Steam fabric steamer is on sale for 55% off at Walmart

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:02

TL;DR: Get the compact Conair GS2 Complete Steam fabric steamer for $14.99. It's usually priced at $34, so you'll be saving $19 while staying wrinkle-free. 

You know what’s worse than waking up the morning of your big class presentation and realizing the outfit you planned to wear is wrinkled past the point of saving? Nothing. There’s nothing worse. Your confidence is shot, things are off to a rough start, and even your favorite shirt can’t save you now. 

Or you could just get a steamer. Because a lot of style rules — like not wearing white after Labor Day — have evolved over the years, but wearing a wrinkled outfit is still a big old universal fashion no-go.  Read more...

More about Travel, Cleaning, Back To School, Mashable Shopping, and Tech

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