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I'm giving up podcasts to save my brain and soul from overload

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Sat, 03/02/2019 - 11:00

In an era when there's so much information — so much content — that we can never, ever be bored, I've come to a breaking point: I'm giving up podcasts.

My brain is melted from an onslaught of news and takes. I've come to realize that I'm overwhelmed and the only way to catch my breath is to cut something out. So I've cracked open my podcast app for the last time for the foreseeable future.

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That's not to say I'm giving up on listening to things on my commutes or my many, many walks with an overactive dog. There's more music available at my fingertips than I could ever hope to listen to, and I'm also taking up audiobooks as a way to help pass these cold, windy strolls through the Ohio winter.  Read more...

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Sony 4K HDTVs on sale for up to $400 off (and way cheaper than Amazon pricing)

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Sat, 03/02/2019 - 10:00

Editor's note: PCMag and Mashable are both owned by Ziff Davis.

Is your old living room TV just not cutting it anymore? Are you embarrassed to have anyone over for a movie because your picture quality is subpar? Sounds like you need an upgrade. 

We are happy to report that you don't need to drop a ton of money in order to get yourself a great TV. 

Through March 4, the PCMag Shop is offering big savings on Sony HDTVs, with many sale prices that are cheaper than Amazon. Check out the full list below and make sure to use the code PCMAG15 to score a nice discount:

Sony X900F — save nearly $400

These are some of Sony’s top tier LED HDTVs (just below the coveted OLED TVs). Using Backlit LED Technology with local dimming, the Sony X900F provides stunning picture quality, contrast, and black levels — making for a TV viewing experience that is on par with other top brands such as Vizio and Samsung. Available in three different size options (55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch), you can definitely find something here that will fit your space and aesthetic. Read more...

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3 gadgets on sale that will take your Nintendo Switch to the next level

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Sat, 03/02/2019 - 10:00

Ever look at your Nintendo Switch and think to yourself “I wonder how I could turn this technological marvel into a devastating avatar of techno-superiority”? If so, we’ve got your back. 

Pro tip: If you decide to buy anything featured here, include the code SEMIANNUAL at checkout for an additional 15% off.

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio Adapter

This Bluetooth adapter connects your Bluetooth headphones to your Switch in portable mode, solving every Switch user's biggest issue with the product. That means you can finally listen to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate at full volume on the subway without getting evil stares.  Read more...

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Starting your own business? Take advantage of this software sale.

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Sat, 03/02/2019 - 10:00

The colossal failure that was the Fyre Festival is a cautionary tale about what NOT to do when planning, well, anything.

Just because it sounds good in your head and looks good on Instagram, doesn't mean that it's guaranteed to go as planned. Two documentaries and a spate of defeated tweets later, we can all be pretty sure of that.

To make sure that your business doesn't suffer the same fate, you need a carefully constructed plan to make all stakeholders and customers happy. Bizplan is an app that will help you outline and organize a strategy so that you can (hopefully) achieve business success. We already covered this powerful tool before, but we're dropping the cost down to its lowest price point yet — only $36.75 at the Mashable Shop if you use the code DOWNLOADIT at checkout. Read more...

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9 wireless phone chargers on sale right now for no good reason

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Sat, 03/02/2019 - 10:00

Cords are *so* 1882. No, literally — that's the year Thomas Edison invented the first known power distribution system. (The more you know.) 

With recent developments in Qi technology, which uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy, supported smartphones can now be charged wirelessly. No longer must our precious devices be tethered down by cords; these days, you can just place your phone on a wireless charging mat or pad to give it a thorough juicing-up. (Of course, you do have to plug in the charger itself.)

If you're in the market for a new charger that'll work with your Qi-compatible device, well, lucky you: You have the luxury of choosing from lots of different models. Despite it not being Black Friday or President's Day or any other holiday that typically brings about massive sales, these chargers are all currently discounted. Plus, you can lower their prices 15% further by entering the code SEMIANNUAL at checkout.  Read more...

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So it's come to this: An unborn baby 'kidfluencer' has 112,000 Instagram followers

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Sat, 03/02/2019 - 01:31

This is just getting ridiculous. 

As regular social media influencers vie for the title of most annoying, a new breed has emerged to expose the whole enterprise as a goofy charade. Or perhaps we should say not emerged, because, as exemplified by one so-called Instagram "kidfluencer" featured in a recent New York Times article, they're not even born yet. 

That's right, there's literally an in-utero baby with a March due date that has more Instagram followers than you. One hundred and twelve thousand, to be exact. 

SEE ALSO: Think twice about posting photos of your kid on Facebook

Say hello to Halston Blake Fisher, the soon-to-be scion of an influencer family that includes 2-year-old identical twins with more than 2 million followers on Instagram. Kyler Fisher, the twins' father, told the Times that sponsored posts on his kids' page cost between $10,000 and $20,000.  Read more...

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Apple walks back statement after freaking out podcasters

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 22:54

Podcasters can now breathe easy.

Apple is walking back an emailed statement to podcasters on Wednesday that seemed to suggest shows would be rejected or removed from Apple Podcasts if the episode numbers were included in episode titles.

The Cupertino, CA-based company rushed to send a clarification email on Thursday making clear that shows were not going to be removed if they historically included episode numbers in their titles.

SEE ALSO: Even Apple’s self-driving car safety report is super secretive

The confusion began earlier this week when Apple sent out an email with a list of best practices for podcast metadata — information connected to each show detailing titles, authors, and episode descriptions. The company recommended avoiding using placeholder text such as “[Title goes here]” and spamming keywords for blatant SEO purposes in podcast descriptions.  Read more...

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This is the thickest phone we've seen yet

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 21:47

Energizer, the battery company, is now building phones, and one of the most interesting devices they brought to the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona is an 18,000mAh battery phone.  Read more...

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ViewRanger is a solid app for outdoor adventurers who want offline maps and crave interactive features

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 21:37
ViewRanger $Free (with in-app purchases) View Product The Good Extensive collection of maps that you can download for offline use • User-shared routes can uncover hidden gems in your own backyard The Bad Some features can be less robust depending on your location • Difficult to find trails and routes not already shared by another user • No in-app tutorials for easier user experience The Bottom Line ViewRanger boasts a robust collection of maps and features that can greatly enhance your outdoor adventures — though usefulness varies based on location. While the free version is useful, you'll need to shell out for one of the subscription plans to unlock the best features. Read more...More about Hiking, Viewranger, Outdoors Apps, Culture, and Consumer Tech

Meet the inventive Uber driver that gives his passengers a menu of different ride types

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 21:35

Uber rides can go a lot of different ways. George the Uber driver is giving you options. 

George Ure is quickly becoming the internet's favorite Uber driver. Ure, in an attempt to make his passengers laugh, The Seattle-based driver made a menu of "ride types." The now-viral list consists of The Stand Up, The Silent Ride, The Therapy Ride, The Creepy Ride, and The Rude Ride. Each ride offers a different experience for the rider.

Every Uber should have a menu, honestly.

Image: george ure

SEE ALSO: Uber drivers say London's new congestion charge is 'discrimination'

During some downtime after a busy week, Ure printed 20 menus to hand out during his rides. Originally, Ure had been asking riders what kind of ride they wanted to have — a stand up ride where he tells jokes or a silent ride where he remains quiet — and decided to make something that people could read themselves.  Read more...

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A dinner plate-sized tarantula killed an opossum in the dark jungle

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 21:19

The dark jungle is full of terrors. 

As it should be, because chaos reigns in the wild, and spotting the peculiar or unexpected is the norm.

"We're always seeing crazy things," University of Michigan evolutionary biologist Daniel Rabosky said in an interview. 

Each year Rabosky travels to the Amazon to observe and document the flourishing biodiversity deep in these jungles. On a recent trip to the Peruvian Amazon, his team filmed some nightmarish predator-prey interactions, including a large Tarantula dragging a limp opossum — a rat-like marsupial — across the dark jungle floor. 

"The body on that thing is bigger than a baseball," said Rabosky, referring to the spider and adding that if its legs were spread out, the spider would be the size of a dinner plate.  Read more...

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'Captain Marvel' throws back to the '90s with optical illusion posters designed to make you hate yourself

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 21:16

The Captain Marvel marketing team is back on the nostalgia hype train with the release of five "Magic Eye" posters. 

These 3D optical illusions were first made popular through the Magic Eye book series known to pretty much any '90s kid with a library card, and now continue to haunt those of us who could never see their hidden secrets in the first place.

The pictures' colorful, abstract patterns are supposed to reveal hidden images when stared at long enough, but personally they make me feel like Star-Lord at the end of Infinity War – that is to say, a disappointment to every living being on this planet including and especially myself. Read more...

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Lyft executives earned $300 as Lyft drivers, IPO filing reveals

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 20:34

Last year when Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi got behind the wheel to understand life as a driver for his ride-hailing company, he failed miserably. And it was all filmed. After Lyft filed to go public Friday, we learned that like its competitor, ride-hailing executives also gave rides on its platform in the past two years. 

While disclosing executive pay, Lyft shared that in 2017 and 2018 some of the executives, like the co-founders, executive vice president, and chief operating officer "provided rides to a similar manner as other drivers." While we don't know how they fared making turns and following app directions, we do know that they earned the company a dismal amount from these rides: less than $300 each year.  Read more...

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This backflipping mini 'cheetah' bot sure is a goddamn show off

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 20:31

Look, we get it. Robots are here and they're totally awesome and everything. But do they have to be so goddamn cocky about it? 

MIT's new backflipping "mini cheetah robot" is the latest addition to a long line of electronic showoffs reminding us that we'll never be as agile as something cooked up in a lab. 

SEE ALSO: This 'blind' robot dog is great for hunting you on a moonless night

"At only 20 pounds the limber quadruped can bend and swing its legs wide, enabling it to walk either right side up or upside down," writes MIT — definitely not rubbing it in that we can't walk upside down — in a description of the Feb. 28 video.  Read more...

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Washington governor Jay Inslee is running in 2020 as the first climate change candidate

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 18:40

The Democratic field in 2020 got a little more crowded — and someone is finally putting climate change center stage.

Washington governor Jay Inslee announced on Friday that he will seek the Democratic nomination for president. But what really sets Inslee apart is his  commitment to being the climate change candidate. In fact, Inslee seems to be the first major candidate in U.S. history to make climate change his main platform for running. 

The main mission statement on Inslee's campaign website is all about climate change, but it also illustrates how it can affect a large range of other issues, including the economy and national security. Read more...

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Save $30 on this Braun electric razor that works when both wet and dry

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 18:29

Ask anyone: Shaving first thing in the morning is a pain. Placing a sharp razor to your face when you're half-awake doesn't sound like a smart idea. However, shaving with an electric razor like the Braun Series 7 7865cc just might be one of the best ways to start your morning.

You can shop the Braun razor on sale at Walmart for $30 off its list price.

Normally priced at $229.94, this sale drops the list price of the razor down to $199.94. The Braun Series 7 features four foil razor shaving elements that work in synchronization. Braun uses Innovative Sonic technology to comfortably shave your face with more than 10,000 "microvibrations," while the company's intelligent AutoSensing motor should make short work of even the toughest and densest of beards. Read more...

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Study says dogs reflect their owners’ personalities

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 18:25

Researchers even say they've discovered the best time in a dog's life to train it. Read more...

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Amazon will open new grocery stores separate from Whole Foods, report says

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 18:23

Amazon is about to move even deeper into the grocery store business.

The retail giant plans to open several new physical grocery stores that would be entirely separate from Whole Foods, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal.

SEE ALSO: Amazon now lets Prime members pick a day of the week to get all their purchases at once

The first location will reportedly be in Los Angeles and could open this year. The company is also "in talks to open grocery stores in shopping centers in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia," according to the WSJ. The company may also acquire additional grocery chains to bolster the new, unnamed, brand. Read more...

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Nick Frost and the 'Fighting With my Family' cast put their wrestling knowledge to the test

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 18:16

Jack Lowden, Florence Pugh, and Nick Frost visited  Mashable's studio in London for a game of Know Your Role.

The three star in the Stephen Merchant film Fighting With my Family about female wrestler Paige's magnificent rise to WWE stardom.  Read more...

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Smart indoor garden grows 90 fruits and veggies at once

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 03/01/2019 - 18:10

Pierre Nibart sat down with us to show off the incredible OGarden, an indoor gardening system that can grow up to 90 vegetables and fruits simultaneously, using automatic water and light. Read more...

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