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Donald Trump just basically Yelp reviewed Michael Cohen

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 13:44

Donald Trump has finally spoken out about his former lawyer Michael Cohen, and it appears he's not very pleased with his services.

After Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight counts and Michael Cohen reached a plea deal and implicated Trump of campaign finance crimes, Trump decided Wednesday morning to offer a tongue-in-cheek review of Cohen's legal services.

The president hopped on his own personal version of Yelp, Twitter, and gave his former lawyer the equivalent of a one-star review.

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"If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen!" Trump tweeted. Ouch. Burn. Read more...

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Arturo Castro talks about the first time he dated a vegan

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 13:25

When Arturo Castro dated a vegan, it did not go as planned. He talks about what happened in the digital series 'The First Time I...', a partnership between Bravo and Mashable.  Read more...

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A fisherman's dream kayak is here — and it has wings

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 13:06

The Fissot fishing kayak is a motorized kayak that has foldable wings. It also has rod holders and a large storage space for your captured fish.  Read more...

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Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: What’s Best for My Digital Marketing? by @ronlieback

Search Engine Journal - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 12:45

To insource digital-marketing needs or outsource them? Here are some insights that can help you decide.

The post Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: What’s Best for My Digital Marketing? by @ronlieback appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Instagram hacks raise questions about its 2FA security

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 12:00

Even Instagram's strongest security settings may not be enough to protect your account from determined hackers.

As the company scrambles to manage a wave of hacks that have hit hundreds of users since the beginning of August, many of these users have described a troubling pattern that raises serious questions about the app's security settings.

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Instagram lets users secure their accounts with two-factor authentication (PSA: here's how to turn on 2FA if you haven't already), but it currently relies on text messages, which aren't as secure as app-based authentication methods. Read more...

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What Is the Most Effective Publishing Frequency? [POLL] by @A_Ninofranco

Search Engine Journal - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 11:45

We asked our Twitter community what publishing frequency is most effective based on their experience. Here’s their response.

The post What Is the Most Effective Publishing Frequency? [POLL] by @A_Ninofranco appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Iguana photobombs woman's picture in the best possible way

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 11:15

Animal photobombs are the best kind of photobombs.

The evidence at this stage is overwhelming. Just look at this cheerful horse. And this one. Oh, and here's a smiley stingray. The list goes on.

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Anyway, it turns out iguanas are good at photobombing, too. Take a look at this majestic proof, captured recently in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and shared on Instagram by photographer Tammy Ricks.

Leaping lizards! I was photobombed by an iguana while in Puerto Rico🦎 And my photo went viral on Reddit and IMGUR! Leave a comment on how you found me! Captured by @haveapassion #iguana #photobomb #lizard #elmorro #sanjuan #laperla #fort #ocean #photooftheday #puertorico #igtravel #instagood #photooftheday #wanderful #wanderlust #roadlesstraveled #travelgram #travel #discoverpuertorico #iguanaphotobomb

A post shared by Tammy Ricks (@roadlesstraveled11) on Aug 18, 2018 at 10:43am PDT Read more...

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This Twitter thread is here to call you out for never shutting up about that one classic you read

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 10:17

We were all young and impressionable once. 

And we all remember the first classic book we read that really hit a chord with us, making us realise the power of great literature.

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For some it's The Great Gatsby, for others it's George Orwell's 1984

And this Twitter thread is basically here to remind you that while it's great that you read that book, it's really basic of you to still be talking about it.

Twitter user @Julian_Epp posted this list of books that so many of us read as teenagers, and people had a lot to say about it.  Read more...

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The best TV deals in the Amazon Bank Holiday Sale: Save on Toshiba, Philips, TCL, Sony, and more

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 10:00

We aren't usually blessed with great summers here in the UK. This year, however, everything changed.

The extended heatwave left us collectively questioning whether the sun would ever leave these normally chilly shores. Well, question answered — summer now appears to be dead. In a flash it has left us, and we are back to rain and grey skies. Also fog. Fog in August, really?

On the bright side, colder weather means hunkering down and finally finishing that box set, and the Amazon UK Bank Holiday Sale is right on cue with a selection of great TV deals from top retailers like Sony, Toshiba, and Philips.  Read more...

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'The End of the F***ing World' is coming back for a second season and it's time to celebrate

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 09:23

If you enjoyed the dark humour and acerbic one-liners from The End of the F***ing World (TEOTFW), then we have some splendid news for you: it's going to be back for a second season.

The Netflix black comedy, based on Charles Forsman's graphic novel, ran for eight episodes earlier this year and ended on something of a cliffhanger.

SEE ALSO: 11 times Alyssa from 'The End of the F***ing World' was the ultimate DGAF badass

A cliffhanger that's now — hopefully — going to be resolved.

That tweet was posted by the official TEOTFW Twitter account on Tuesday nightBuzzFeed reports that the announcement of a second season was made at the Edinburgh TV Festival, and that the new episodes will again be based on material written by Forsman. Read more...

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Stop telling women how they should talk

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 09:00

"If you say 'like' one more time, I'm gonna lose my shit."

These were the words uttered to me through gritted teeth as I sat in green plastic patio furniture on a humid summer night a few years back. The words dried on my tongue; I lost my train of thought. Moments before, I'd been embroiled in a heated debate about millennials and social media, as was my wont. My opponent was an older male journalist and, though he objected to the central thesis of my argument, he chose not to engage with my salient points. Instead he opted to attack something intensely personal: the way I speak. 

I came away from that interaction feeling a level of anger that I couldn't quite put into words. I felt ridiculed, undermined, and — worst of all — newly self-conscious about a vocal tick of which I'd been erstwhile blissfully unaware. Read more...

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9 terrible festival fashion trends that need to disappear already

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 09:00

Music festivals are a double edged sword. Sure they can be a showcase for the best and most progressive in style, but they can also bring out some of the worst trash outfits the fashion industry has to offer. 

From cultural appropriation to just begging for heat stroke, here are nine terrible festival trends that need to be retired. 

1. Feathered clothing

Image: nastygal 

Image: nastygal

Who among us has not wanted to look like a goth Big Bird? 

Honestly though, can you imagine how badly feathered clothing sheds? Nobody wants to be around a rapidly molting bird of prey while dancing.  Read more...

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Transform your smartphone into a legitimate camera with this accessory

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 09:00

PopSockets are all the rage right now, mainly because of their impressive versatility. They can be used as a media stand or a cord wrap. They help you take better selfies, and can act as a grip to prevent your phone from falling flat on your face. And while all this is great, PopSockets can't do much when it comes to elevating your photography skills.

SEE ALSO: Apple will reportedly release high-end AirPods and over-ear headphones in 2019

You know what can? The Pictar Smartphone Camera Grip.

Yes, it's called a grip, but it's not JUST a grip. While it does provide a tactile grasp, it's also packed with buttons and wheels that offer you better control over your camera's settings, like exposure, zoom, and ISO. In short: it can convert your phone into a real, working camera. Read more...

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This woman was 'upskirted' at a music festival. Her campaign is changing the law.

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Wed, 08/22/2018 - 08:47

Gina Martin was at a music festival watching The Killers last summer when two men kept making advances towards her. She repeatedly turned them down. Shortly after, she spotted one of the men looking at a photo of her crotch on his phone.

She had just been "upskirted" — a term that refers to the practice of secretly taking photos or videos under a person's clothes without consent in an effort to capture a person's crotch area, underwear, and genitals.

When Martin, 27, reported the men to police at the festival, she was told there wasn't much they could do; that if she "hadn’t have been wearing knickers it would have been a different story." The police officers deleted the photo from the man's phone and told Martin to enjoy the rest of her night.  Read more...

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