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Emergency prep 101: Invest in a solar-powered flashlight radio combo

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Do you have a plan in place for an emergency situation? Unfortunately, we all should. Even if you've been intending to put together an emergency kit but haven't quite gotten around to doing it, good intentions won't get you very far in an actual emergency.

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Here's a tip for getting started: grab this Emergency Multi-Function Radio & Flashlight. This handy gadget will check off multiple boxes for under $20, and take up minimal space in the meantime. It boasts a radio that can monitor both AM and FM stations as well as the NOAA 24/7 weather broadcast. With solar panels and a built-in hand crank, all the functionality can stay powered self-sufficiently, including its onboard battery for charging USB devices and an LED flashlight that lasts 100,000 hours. Read more...

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A Complete List of the Different Types of Featured Snippets by @amelioratethis

Search Engine Journal - 9 hours 15 min ago

Read on and find out how you can optimize and tailor your content for featured snippets.

The post A Complete List of the Different Types of Featured Snippets by @amelioratethis appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Fox News forced to correct video showing 'retired Navy SEAL' veteran

It was the perfect pro-Trump story in a time of controversy over veterans. 

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On 8 October, Fox News published a video about John Garofalo, a multi-decorated Navy SEAL who had personally carved a ginormous — 4 foot, 150 pound — glass seal he wanted to give to President Donald Trump. 

In the clip, Garofalo, 72, is reported to have received two Purple Hearts and about 22 commendations for his seven years of service in the Navy. He was reportedly listed twice in Vietnam as M.I.A.

“Garofalo is used to working under pressure,” Fox News reporter Bryan Llenas said. “The Vietnam War veteran served seven years as a member of the nation’s first Navy SEAL team. He was awarded 22 commendations, including two purple hearts.” Read more...

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This one lyric from 'Gorgeous' is proof that the old Taylor Swift is not dead

Hey everyone, remember when Taylor Swift said that the old Taylor is dead? 

Well, she might have been telling us a little white lie. One lyric in Swift's just-dropped song "Gorgeous" is proof that the old Taylor is very much alive and kicking. 

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On the off-chance that you were underground or unconscious during the supposed reinvention of Taylor Swift, let's recap. 

Swift fooled us all this summer in her attempts to convince the world she'd undergone a dramatic metamorphosis after being crossed by, well, just about everyone. Gone is the sweet, heartbroken Taylor. She's been replaced by an emo Death Eater. Or, so we believed.  Read more...

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The next tech bubble will last weeks, not years, and it will be gloriously insane

I've been there for the early ICO (initial coin offering) days for cryptocurrencies. I've seen companies raise hundreds of millions of dollars within hours, and I've seen valuations for startups that don't even have a working product climb to billions. 

And now that these clay giants have begun to crumble, I look back at the beginnings of the ICO craze, and ponder when did it all go wrong. 

Well, it couldn't have been more than a few months ago, because this entire bubble has been going on for about a year. 

Perhaps this is the real gift the blockchain technology, which is the basis for most of these companies: Speed. The ability to raise money fast, to build a product quickly, to burn brightly and, in some cases, die fast.  Read more...

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New 'Harry Potter' exhibition shows us J.K. Rowling's original pitch letter


{"player":{"description":null,"image":"","mediaid":"63nw76An5E","preload":false,"title":"Harry Potter: A History of Magic Exhibition","sources":[{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""},{"file":""}]},"options":{"disableAds":false,"disableSharing":false,"nextupAction":"autoplay","embedUrl":"","standaloneUrl":null,"post":{"url":"","date":"2017-10-20T11:06:12.523Z","bp_id":60200,"wp_id":null}},"advertising":{"params":{"keywords":"","sec0":null,"sec1":"","prc":""}},"analytics":{"labels":"","videoSeriesName":null}} More about Harry Potter, Harry Potter A History Of Magic, British Library, Culture, and Harry Potter

Tim Cook promises a new Mac mini will come some day

You thought that just because Apple hasn't updated it in over three years, the Mac mini is dead? We don't blame you, but according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, there's still hope for Apple's tiny desktop computer. 

The news comes via Cook's somewhat surprising response to a customer's letter, unearthed by MacRumors

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"I'm glad you love Mac mini," wrote Cook. "We love it too. Our customers have found so many creative and interesting users for Mac mini. While it is not time to share any details, we do plan for Mac mini to be an important part of our product line going forward." Read more...

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Mary Berry talks about late son in deeply moving video about grief

A group of British celebrities—including GBBO alumna Mary Berry—have shared what they would say to their late loved ones if they had one more minute with them. 

The deeply moving video is part of a campaign by Child Bereavement UK, a charity which supports families when a child of any age dies, or when children are facing bereavement. 

Mary Berry shared what she would say to her late son William, who passed away when he was 19 years old. 

"If I could have one more minute with William, what would I say to him?" Berry asked. "I would thank him. I would thank him for being a brilliant son."

In the video, footballer Rio Ferdinand discusses what he'd say to his late wife, and presenter Ben Fogle and his wife talk about losing a child.  Read more...

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Elon Musk and 'Rick and Morty' creators met IRL at the SpaceX headquarters

Elon Musk believes there's a one in billions chance that we live in a simulated reality. To demonstrate that the singularity is coming soon to our level of the Matrix, he just hang out IRL with the nihilistic, genius authors of Rick and Morty

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Call it fate or quantum probability, the Tesla mogul and the Netflix-distributed, Adult Swim animated sci-fi comedy's founders Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland were destined to meet after flirting at the limits of the Twitter-verse (making all of us uncomfortable). 

Rick and Morty official Twitter account tweeted pictures of Harmon and Roiland plus writer Mike McMahan with Musk at the SpaceX headquarters. Look at these nerdy buddies hanging out like it's NBD. Wubba lubba dub-dub! Read more...

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Ben Wyatt and Jean-Ralphio respond to 'Parks and Rec' fan theories

Whoever suggested that Leslie Knope embezzled funds needs to go and have a long think about what they did.

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Adam Scott and Ben Schwartz, a.k.a Ben Wyatt and Jean-Ralphio from the ineffable Parks and Recreation, went on The Late Late Show with James Corden and recorded their responses to Reddit fan theories about the show.

The first theory postulates that Leslie Knope, Ben Wyatt, and Ron Swanson were in fact stealing money from the government. Scott gives a conciliatory answer: "No these are good hearted, wonderful people [...] though it would explain why Leslie had so much money for elaborate presents." Schwartz, meanwhile, is incensed by the notion that Leslie would steal. "Swanson on the other hand one hundred percent yeah," he adds. Read more...

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New Yorkers reveal the craziest thing they've seen on the subway and it's so, so grim

There aren't many things human beings can agree on, but one sure-fire opinion guaranteed to band together even the most hated of enemies is this: the subway is hell on earth.

We can all agree on that, can't we?

And after watching the clip above — in which random New Yorkers are asked to describe the craziest thing they've seen on the subway — it becomes even clearer why.

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Nudity, rats, and urine are just some of the things that feature, but perhaps the grimmest tale of all comes from an elderly lady right at the end. Read more...

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Glass bridge ups the ante with Instagram-ready optical illusions painted on the floor

Just when you thought you saw all the glass bridges China had to offer, this one just upped the stakes by painting a set of heart-dropping optical illusions into the floor.

A transparent bridge over the famed Yellow River in Zhongwei, city, Ningxia, was just launched with a set of photo-ready illusions painted into sections of its 328 metre length.

SEE ALSO: Someone thought it was funny to make a glass bridge look like it was cracking under people's weight

Some of the illusions invite people to stand at the sides of the bridge, appearing like they're at the edge of a precipice, with a sharp fall down to the river below. Read more...

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Guy finds roach legs in McDonald's coffee cup

Turns out it's easier to identify cockroach legs at a glance than you thought.

A man in Bangkok, Thailand, discovered several floating bits of brown flecks in his coffee at McDonald's.

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Upon closer inspection, he found to his dismay that the little bits were most probably cockroach legs.

Image: nostalgic eik/facebook

His discovery went up in a Facebook post earlier this week on McDonald's Thailand's page.

According to the user, who posted under the pseudonym Nostalgic Eik, he sent the cup of coffee back thinking it was a dirty cup, but got another batch of roach legs in the replacement. Yikes. Read more...

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Research examines how you can control your dreams

Lucid dreams are fun, but inducing has largely been a matter of trial and error.

You might have an easier experience next time you hit the hay, off the back of new research by Australia's University of Adelaide that looked into more effective lucid dream induction techniques. The results have been published in the journal Dreaming.

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For those yet to experience it, lucid dreaming is where the person is aware they're dreaming while it's still happening, and they're able control the experience.

Behind the study was Denholm Aspy from the university's School of Psychology. He looked at the three different lucid dream induction techniques: Reality testing, wake back to bed, and MILD   (mnemonic induction of lucid dreams). Read more...

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Australian military developing VR programs to train soldiers to be more resilient to pressure

Black Mirror is way ahead of us again. 

Virtual reality training is being developed as a method to equip troops with resilience training before deployment — something a Black Mirror episode toyed with in season three.

Australia's Minister for Defence Industry, Christopher Pyne, has announced $2.2 million for a University of Newcastle project that aims to develop enhanced resilience training for military personnel using VR and biometrics.

The program, which will work in conjunction with the ADF's existing Battle SMART stress resilience training program, will see neuroscientists designing simulated environments to replicate real-world combat scenarios in VR. Read more...

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Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail, baby

He's back.

After months out of the spotlight, Barack Obama spoke at his first campaign rally, backing New Jersey Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy in front of a crowd of Democrats on Thursday night.

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Following dribs and drabs of commentary online, Obama returned to full voice at the event, where there was plenty of Trump shade — even though the current president's name wasn't mentioned.

NOW: Former Pres. Obama campaigns for New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy in Newark

— CBS News (@CBSNews) October 19, 2017

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Taylor Swift just dropped a new song and it's 'Gorgeous'

Swifties, we've got another one.

Taylor Swift has dropped a brand new track from her highly anticipated sixth album Reputation, dubbed "Gorgeous."

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It's the third track released from the pop monarch's upcoming album, following "Look What You Made Me Do," and "Ready for It," released earlier this year.

Have a listen:

With a vibe akin to Yazoo's '80s classic "Only You," it's a track that throws back to more pop-sensitive singles like 1989's "Blank Space," — pretty different from the Peaches-meets-Fergie lead single, and thumper of a follow-up. Read more...

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KFC follows only 11 people on Twitter, for one mindblowing reason

KFC is very selective about who it follows on Twitter.  

This international fast food brand, owned by Yum! Brands, Inc., has strict standards, unlike the people who eat its $5 Fill Ups. 

SEE ALSO: So yeah, this dude got a KFC tattoo on his body for some reason

One dude on Twitter discovered this and couldn't believe it. He's going to need some time to recover, and maybe a bucket of chicken. 

Are you ready for this? Here we go:  

.@KFC follows 11 people.

Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb

11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this.

— Edge (@edgette22) October 19, 2017

KABOOOOOOM. Using my powers of investigative journalism, I clicked on KFC's Twitter page and confirmed it's true. The brand follows every Spice Girl and six guys named Herb.  Read more...

More about Twitter, Kfc, Culture, and Food

Lawmakers try their hand at banning ticketing bots, but it's not the end of them

The pain of narrowly missing out on concert tickets is an all too common feeling.

While we might be quick to blame our reflexes, scalpers employing bots have been wreaking havoc in the now mostly digital ticket selling business. 

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The Australian state of New South Wales will ban these ticket bots as part of laws passed on Wednesday, which makes it the first jurisdiction in the country to do so.

The Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Scalping and Gift Cards) Bill 2017 outlaws the use of bots, while also capping the transaction cost of resales to 10 percent of its sale price. Read more...

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Experts don't know if the fake news problem will get more or less awful

If you're looking for good news about the future of false information on the internet, please close this little post and continue your search. Your eyes are wasting their time here. 

A Pew Research Center study published on Thursday polled more than 1,000 experts of various kinds on how they view the future of fake news. 

SEE ALSO: Donald Trump claims he came up with the term 'fake news'

Here's the survey question:

The results are decidedly mixed.

Just over 50 percent of respondents said the media environment won't improve, while just under 50 percent said it will. 

Why are some experts so pessimistic? According to the study, the two most common reasons are that the "fake news ecosystem preys on some of our deepest human instincts" and "our brains are not wired to contend with the pace of technological change." Read more...

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