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Over 25? Maybe don't admit you smoke weed in your dating profile

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 16:11

We love a data-backed online dating tip – especially one tied to the holiday of choice for stoners everywhere. Unfortunately, this one isn't too promising for smokers who make their weed interest public.

According to data from dating app Hinge, revealing an interest in marijuana on a dating profile can actually work in your favor – but only if you're under 25.

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Per the team's number crunchers, users under 25 who say they smoke weed see, on average, a 10 percent increase in likes.

But for those 25 and older, admitting you smoke weed on your profile results in a 25 percent decrease in likes. That number jumps to a 35 percent decrease for users over 40.  Read more...

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Summer movie preview: What to watch if you only have time for five films this summer

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 16:05

Welcome to the final installment of our 2018 summer movie preview. We've already got you covered if you're looking for action and adventure, drama and comedy, horror and thriller, or animated and family-friendly. Today, we'll wrap it up with the best of the best. 

All week long, we've been adding to your summer movie to-do list. 

But here's the point where we acknowledge that even the most diehard cinephiles have their limits. There are only so many hours in a day, even if those days are getting longer.

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Besides, it's summer! It's nice out! You don't want to spend the entire season sitting in the dark. You'd like to occasionally do stuff like go outside, or see your loved ones, or maybe even take a little vacation. Read more...

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Someone made a PowerPoint to prove Lorde and Jack Antonoff are dating and it's...remarkable

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 15:54

Someone wise once said, "When you love something, PowerPoint it." 

An angel amongst us, @buzzkillary, has taken these words to heart. Hillary, bless her heart, hopped on Twitter on Thursday night to share with the world an extensive PowerPoint presentation revolving around the rumors that have swirled for months about Lorde and Jack Antonoff, the producer of her album Melodrama. 

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"Life update," Hillary tweeted. "I recently made a claim that Lorde and Jack Antonoff are together and it's taken me on a strange journey to the Truth, which I present to you in the way I best express myself — powerpoint."  Read more...

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I went full wireless charging with the iPhone X

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 15:17
RAVPower wireless charging stand $$49.99 View Product The Good Makes you forget about wires • Charges as fast if not faster than wired connection The Bad Placing the phone on the stand can be fiddly The Bottom Line RAVPower's fast wireless chargers made me forget my iPhone X's battery can run out. Mashable Score4.0 Cool Factor4.5 Learning Curve3.5 Performance4.0 Bang for the Buck3.5

Here's the problem with wireless chargers: One is never enough. Most households have several smartphones that need to be charged daily, and if you're a demanding user, like me, you'll sometimes have to charge your phone at work as well. Read more...

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Why I'm not excited about 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 15:15

You can call Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War the "most ambitious crossover event in history" — and it might as well think it is. But there's something about it that feels a bit ... familiar.

Sure, Infinity War is going to make a ton of money opening weekend. It's going to be talked about, and talked about, and talked about. Rightly so: It's the culmination of Marvel's entire Cinematic Universe, a world that has far reaching roots and references and callbacks in not only each one of its movies (18 different films in 10 years, if you're counting), but nearly every bit of popular culture

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New 'Fortnite' 50 v 50 mode leads to huge, collaborative battles

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 15:04

Fortnite Battle Royale has a new 50 v 50 mode and it's absolutely insane.

The new mode that launched on Thursday turns the battle royale game on its head. Instead of fighting to be the last one standing by yourself or with a small group of up to four players, you now have a team of 49 other players who (mostly) have your back. The only way to win is by killing off everyone on the other team.

It's actually the second time there's been a 50 v 50 mode in Fortnite, but this time there have been a bunch of much-needed improvements added. First of all, the two teams enter the map on separate buses so it's not complete madness right off the bat. Second, the zone for the final showdown is known right off the bat so people can head there and start building their opposing forts in preparation, which leads to some huge structures. Read more...

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Bose SoundSport wireless headphones are $50 off right now

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 15:00

Break free from wires for good and make those trips to the gym even easier with these Bose SoundSport wireless headphones that are on sale today for $50 off.

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These headphones are sweat and weather-resistant so you can go HAM without worry. They comes with three different tips to fit comfortably and provide up to five hours of play time on a single charge. They also come with a charging case to keep them powered up on the go, and you can even keep track of them with Bose's "Find My Buds" app.

Plus, they look super badass.

Amazon lists the price at $249, but you can get them now for only $199 — a 20% savings. Read more...

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Yep, the feds grow and sell marijuana. Here's how.

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 15:00

Is the government really growing weed?

In the 2008 stoner staple Pineapple Express, a secret military facility experiments with growing marijuana in the 1930s. A euphoric soldier, high off what the lab calls "Item 9," says he feels like a "slice of butter" and then exclaims, "This is the bee's knees!"

SEE ALSO: Police fired after claiming mice ate half a ton of missing weed

But when the soldier rants about how much he hates the army, a high-ranking official shuts down the whole experiment and deems cannabis "ILLEGAL!" 

Did the federal government ever actually experiment with growing marijuana? As Mashable's new YouTube series Weedwise explains, the answer is yesRead more...

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Our 3 favorite iPhone lenses for shooting better Instagram photos

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:51

Your iPhone's cameras can take some pretty incredible photos. But just like a DSLR or mirrorless camera, you can take your photography to the next level simply by adding a lens.

Browsing Amazon brings up an endless number of clip-on lenses for your iPhone, most of which are trash. The sad fact is there are only a few lenses that are any good. On the plus side, it means you don't need to waste your time considering the sea of junk out there.

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With the right lens attachment, you can transform your average-looking smartphone photos into shots worthy of getting more Instagram likes. Read more...

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Michelle Pfeiffer gets asked baffling sexist question at 'Scarface' event

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:49

When the Scarface cast and director reunited at 2018's Tribeca Film Festival, they probably thought a lot about how far Hollywood has come since the 1983 film. And yet, during a Q&A following the film screening, actress Michelle Pfeiffer was asked – you guessed it – about her weight.

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Moderator Jesse Kornbluth (father to a daughter, he noted) wanted to know what Pfeiffer weighed in the film and how she thinned down to play Elvira. His question was met with boos from the audience and at least one "Seriously?" uttered aloud. Read more...

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New iPhones with OLED screens may not be cheaper than $1,000

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:44

We all want the iPhone X to be cheaper, but that might not happen anytime soon because of LG.

According to the Wall Street Journal, LG Display is reportedly struggling to produce OLED displays for Apple to use in future iPhones. Dividing OLED screens between Samsung, which is currently the only supplier, and LG Display could have meant lower prices for consumers.

SEE ALSO: Leaked photos reveal unreleased gold iPhone X from all angles

Per the report, LG has apparently failed to meet production schedules in order to begin mass production of OLED displays for new iPhones.

The Wall Street Journal doesn't get into the specifics challenges LG has run into. However, it may not be difficult to figure out the issue.  Read more...

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Incredible teen perfectly nails Beyoncé's Coachella choreography

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:43

If Beyoncé's looking for a new dancer, she doesn't have to look any further than a college dorm room.

Brianna Budnick-Kelly (@imbriyonce) took on the challenge of learning Beyonce's Coachella choreography and she thankfully posted a side-by-side video on Wednesday. And by the way, it only took her 40 minutes to perfect. 

She doesn't call herself Briyonce for nothing. 

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If you thought I was about to sit here, learn choreo & dance like I’m one of Beyoncé's backup dancer... YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!😂👌🏾🔥#BeyChella

— Briyonce (@imbriyonce) April 18, 2018

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Dave Grohl invited a fan onstage and was blown away by the guy's performance

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:42

Dave Grohl probably just wanted to let a fan have a good time, but he got a lot more than he bargained for.

During Wednesday night's Foo Fighters show in Austin, Texas, the former Nirvana drummer invited an eager fan onto the stage to play a song. The fan, who wore Gene Simmons' classic face paint, at first didn't say his name, so Grohl had no choice but to call him "Kiss Guy." 

And Kiss Guy brought it. 

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Although Grohl hesitated when offering his guitar to Kiss Guy, it wasn't long before he realized the talent hiding behind the makeup. Playing along with the Foo Fighters' "Monkeywrench," Kiss Guy immediately showed that he's a force to be reckoned with. Not only could he keep up with the rest of the band, but he confidently added solos and brought plenty of stage presence.  Read more...

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British people have very strong opinions when it comes to men in flip flops

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:26

It may be fun to say the word "flip-flops" — but they sure aren't everybody's cup of tea.

Not by a long way.

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Normally the weather in Britain is far too terrible to merit their use, but over the past few days there's been a random hot spell. According to the Met Office, Thursday was the warmest April day in the UK for "nearly 70 years".

Many places have basked in spring sunshine on the warmest April day for nearly 70 years. Thank you for sharing your fantastic #loveukweather photos with us ☀️ Watch out for some stunning sunsets tonight! #WarmestDayOfTheYear

— Met Office (@metoffice) April 19, 2018

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Save on power banks and re-charge your devices anywhere you go

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:19

We've all had those moments where our devices are seriously low on power and there's no outlet in sight to help us out. Banish this forever with a power bank to keep you charged.

SEE ALSO: This glow-in-the-dark MFi-certified charging cable is just $20

Amazon has plenty of power banks on sale today to keep just about anything juiced up. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and even Nintendo Switches, your lack of a wall outlet will never stop you from keeping your devices powered up again.

Check out Amazon's deals on power banks:

Sleek, colorful, and handy

For tablet and smartphone users, this power bank has got you covered. It's designed for Apple products, but it can work with just about any smartphone. It even comes in multiple colors to match your #aesthetic. Read more...

More about Chargers, Power Bank, Mashable Shopping, Shopping List, and Shopping Amazon

Robot vacuum caught getting frisky with bathroom scale

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:12

There's nothing more awkward than walking in on someone getting some action. 

It's especially awkward when that someone is, uh, a robot vacuum.

SEE ALSO: This machine is basically a Roomba for waterways

Redditor briannebellaxo walked in on her robot vacuum decidedly not cleaning her floors. Instead it was engaged in what appeared to be some serious business time with her bathroom scale. 

She managed to grab footage of the action, with steamy Marvin Gaye playing in the background.

Naturally, this inspired a flurry of puns that escalated quickly.

Comment from discussion OprahsSister's comment from discussion "Ummm... wtf did I just walk in on?". Read more...

More about Reddit, Sex, Roomba, Culture, and Web Culture

What's new on Loot Crate this month: April 2018

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:11

Ah, Loot Crate. The "treat yo' self" subscription box that delivers epic nerdy goodies to your doorstep every month. 

With different niche boxes to suit every kind of geek and exciting new themes each month, there is always an air of mystery hovering over what that next box will include. 

SEE ALSO: Best subscription boxes for book lovers, from Cratejoy and beyond

Whether you're a newbie to Loot Crate and you want to know what's in store or you're already a fanatic of monthly deliveries who wants to see what else there is to get your hands on, we're rounding up all of the neat Loot Crate options for you to peruse. From gaming to anime, Loot Crate has plenty of swag in April that's worth collecting. Read more...

More about God Of War, Subscription Box, Mashable Shopping, Shopping List, and Shopping Skimlinks

LG G7 will have a dedicated Google Assistant button, report claims

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:10

LG's next flagship smartphone, the G7 ThinQ, will have a button that will activate Google Assistant, CNet claims citing source familiar with the smartphone. 

That would make the G7 the first ever phone to have such a button — not even Google's Pixel phones have it. 

SEE ALSO: Mysterious Android TV dongle shows up in FCC filing

We've seen something similar on Samsung's flagships of late, which have a dedicated Bixby button. The approach hasn't seen much love from users, so it'll be interesting to see how LG's customers will respond to having a dedicated assistant button on their phones — especially since users won't be able to reprogram the button to do something else.  Read more...

More about Lg, Google Assistant, Button, Lg G7, and Tech

This dog bed doubles as a luggage pouch for your pooch

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:09

The Spruce Dog Bed is a multifunctional dog travel case. It is both a dog bag for carrying all of your pooch's things and a full-sized fold out dog bed. Read more...

More about Tech, Travel, Technology, Dogs, and Animals

Why does Michael Phelps brush his teeth in the shower?

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:00

US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has collaborated with Colgate to ensure that everyone is learning how to save water. He's even started teaching his children to turn off the faucet when they brush their teeth. Read more...

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