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Marvel's 'The Punisher' is going up against 'Justice League'

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 14:56

Frank Castle is back, and he's ready to take on the Justice League.

Wait, what?

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Let us explain: Netflix has finally announced the release date for The Punisher, and it's dropping November 17 – the same date as another little superhero shindig called Justice League

It's hardly likely that The Punisher will keep anyone from seeing Justice League

The Punisher drops November 17.

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Get this two-in-one charging stand at 75% off

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 14:44

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Attention screen addicts: keep all of your devices close by, even when they're charging. This universal charging stand can easily accommodate your smart devices all at once, and you can pick it up right now for up to 75% off.

This aluminum desktop stand can fit any of your smartphones, whether you're an Apple fanatic or you're rocking a Samsung device. You can even loop your smartwatch off to the side when that needs charging too.

This universal charging stand normally goes for $56.99, but you can pick it up at Amazon now for $14.24 — that's a 75% saving. Read more...

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Stop scooping poop and invest in this self-cleaning litter box instead

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 14:40

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Litter box cleaning is, well, the nastiest. You love your cat and would do anything for them, but let's face it — having to scoop out chunks of poop isn't exactly anyone's idea of a good time.

With all of the smart devices popping up to make everyday tasks easier, you can probably guess what's coming: this automatic self-scooping litter box is about to do your least favorite chore for you.

SEE ALSO: This robotic cleaning ball is also probably the best cat toy in history

The PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box is exactly what it sounds like: an automatic litter box that you won't need to touch (for a few weeks, at least.) According to the product listing, the rake combs through the crystals every 20 minutes, pulling out the clumps and pushing them into a covered tray on the end. When it's finally time to switch trays, don't worry — just take the tray out from under the box, dispose of it, and replace it with a fresh one. Read more...

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Miley Cyrus surprised a Las Vegas survivor with a loving message and it will warm your heart

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 14:33

What better way to continue the road to recovery then with a message from your favorite artist? 

Miley Cyrus surprised Katrina Hannah, one of many victims of the Las Vegas shooting, with a sweet video message on Tuesday. 

The "Malibu" singer heard about Hannah's story, and how much of a fan she is, and decided to send her positive words.

SEE ALSO: Miley Cyrus and Adam Sandler sing beautiful Dido cover in wake of Las Vegas shooting

.@MileyCyrus surprises Las Vegas shooting victim Katrina Hannah w a message. Miley saw our past profiles of Katrina, who is just back in

— Elex Michaelson (@abc7elex) October 18, 2017

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Google will testify before Congress with Facebook and Twitter, too

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 14:31

Google will testify before Congress on Nov. 1, joining Facebook and Twitter representatives to answer questions on Russian interference in the 2016 election. 

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Representatives from the tech giants will answer Congress's questions about the 2016 election in a public forum for the first time. The companies have each cooperated with federal investigators privately and held meetings with lawmakers behind closed doors.

Facebook was the first tech giant to publicly agree to testify earlier this month. The decision arrived just as Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Mark Warner held a press conference on Oct. 4 to provide updates on their investigation on Russia's interference. Twitter agreed shortly thereafter.  Read more...

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Tell the world you're not over Barb with Topshop's 'Stranger Things' fashion collection

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 14:23

We are still not OK after Barb's tragic demise in Stranger Things. But, thankfully Topshop is here to help us express the anguish in our grief-riddled hearts. 

SEE ALSO: Barb-ie doll pays tribute to the beloved 'Stranger Things' character

Topshop is dropping an official Stranger Things fashion collection in collaboration with Netflix on Oct. 20. And, yes, there is a moving tribute to our beloved Barb in there. 

The collection features 28 retro-inspired tees, sweaters and accessories that wouldn't look out of place in Hawkins, Indiana, circa 1983. 

Image: topshop x netflix

The collection's not just for Barb lovers. There's a Mike-themed tee featuring his iconic walkie talkie. Classic Mike, tbh.  Read more...

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Laura Dern would like everyone to remember that she is in the new 'Star Wars', thank you very much

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 14:22

The Last Jedi brings Laura Dern into the Star Wars universe – but you wouldn't know it from the trailers, which have largely overlooked her character.

So Dern is taking matters into her own hands. (With the studio's approval, of course.)

SEE ALSO: A 'Star Wars' fan in Congress wants us to know that porgs are 'dope'

The actress stopped by Ellen this week to remind viewers that she'll be playing Vice Admiral Holdo in the new movie. She's got a photo to prove it and everything!

Excited to talk a little Star Wars with my buddy @theellenshow today!!

A post shared by @lauradern on Oct 18, 2017 at 9:56am PDT Read more...

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The only way to be sure Harvey Weinstein isn't getting your money

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 14:18

There's only one way to be 100% certain you're not putting money in the pocket of Harvey Weinstein: Don't watch his movies.

This isn't a call for a boycott — separating art from artist is an individual's choice — but if you're inclined to avoid paying this man, you must steer clear of movies and TV shows produced by The Weinstein Co., its subsidiary Dimension Films, and anything he touched while at his old company Miramax before he left in 2005.

SEE ALSO: Here are all the women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse so far

That means future movies (The Current War), recent releases (Tulip Fever, Lion, Carol) and — though it pains me to say it — a slew of Miramax classics, too (Pulp Fiction, the Scream movies, Good Will Hunting ... too many to name here). Read more...

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Barack Obama's letters to a college girlfriend are finally seeing the light of day

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 14:13

The Barack Obama that we know is a smooth politician and world leader—but in case you had any doubt, we now have proof that the former president was just as poetic in college as he is today. 

Letters Obama wrote to his college girlfriend, Alexandra McNear, have been made public to researchers at Emory University's Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library in Atlanta on Thursday.

SEE ALSO: Barack Obama crashes Michelle's talk with super sweet tribute for their 25th anniversary

There are nine letters from Obama in total, ranging in dates from 1982 to early 1984 and spanning his time at Columbia University in New York City and Indonesia. The university has had these letters since 2014, but are now allowing researchers to paint a clearer picture of the man before the White House.  Read more...

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Moto X4 review: Motorola's 'basic' phone is a good value for $400

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 13:00

I was ready to give the Moto X4 a middling to negative review when a colleague asked me about phone recommendations, specifically non-iPhones. Since the X4 was in my hand, I showed it to her. After showing her everything I liked and didn't like, I surprised myself when I actually ended up recommending it. 

The reason I came around is really for one reason: the price. The Moto X4 (or moto x⁴, if you want to be all brand-y about it) costs just $400 — that's $250 less than the Google Pixel 2 and $300 less than the iPhone 8. And if you buy through Amazon Prime, the Moto X4 costs just $330, which is getting close to the Moto G, Motorola's budget line. Read more...

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Dear Mr. Bezos: Pick Mashable's proposal for Amazon's new headquarters

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 13:00

Dear Mr. Jeff Bezos,

We, the humble city of Gatestown in collaboration with Mashable, are pleased to submit our application to become the home to Amazon's second headquarters. 

We want this thing. We need this thing. Our city hasn't had any good news since we took on the name of Gatestown in an attempt to woo Microsoft for a Zune factory. That did not turn out well. 

Now, we're all in on Bezosville. We're ready to remake our fair town in the image of all things Amazon. We may not be the biggest or have the best people. We can't offer you $7 billion in tax incentives or really any of the stuff you've said you need. But there's something we can offer: the platonic ideal of what an Amazon city could be.  Read more...

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Marriott's Slack extension proves booking corporate travel software doesn't have to suck

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 13:00

Marriott is using Slack and emoji to make booking a hotel room as easy as giving a 👍 .

The hotel chain introduced a new Slack extension that lets teams browse and book hotel rooms directly in their chats. And, being Slack, of course, there's an emoji feature.

SEE ALSO: How dancing emoji hijacked your job — and why there's no going back

Start by providing a city and dates, and the extension will surface a handful of options. Everyone in the chat can then vote — using Slack's emoji reactions — on which option they want. When the votes are in, you can book the winning hotel right in the same place. Read more...

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Here's the badass grime recap of 'The Walking Dead' you never knew you needed

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 12:28

When a TV show reaches its eighth season, there's a whole lot of stuff to remember. A reminder of all the key plot points is essential.

But ordinary, non-musical recaps are pretty boring, right? Who wants to sit through one of them?

SEE ALSO: 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 may be making a big mistake with Negan

Well, good news: in the run-up to Season 8 of The Walking Dead, NOW TV has released a grime-themed recap featuring MC Bugzy Malone. 

You have to admit, it's pretty darn catchy.

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Someone has created a guide to ghost fashion and it's horrifyingly brilliant

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 11:36

Just because you're no longer alive and you have to travel around in a white sheet doesn't mean you can't also look your best, right?

At the end of the day, ghosts have feelings too. And on a special occasion like Halloween where they're in the spotlight, they're going to want to look as fabulous as possible.

SEE ALSO: These illustrations perfectly sum up the reality of living with anxiety and depression

Luckily, British illustrator Gemma Correll is here with all the latest ghost fashions.


— Gemma Correll (@gemmacorrell) October 18, 2017

We don't know about you, but we think the pleated and peplum looks are just splendid. Read more...

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This is what happens if you try to cheat in the new South Park game

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 11:11

The latest South Park game is here and has no time for cheaters. 

SEE ALSO: Last night's 'South Park' episode set up the new 'Fractured But Whole' game

In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, you'll soon find yourself trying to get into the basement of Eric Cartman. There's a keycode and you have to break it by finding the password in the notebook hidden in Cartman's bedroom. 

But since the password is quite easy — "Fuck You Mum" — people have been guessing it right at the first attempt, without going through the whole investigating process. 

Well, if you do it that way, here's what happens:  Read more...

More about Easter Egg, South Park, South Park Fractured But Whole, Eric Cartman, and Entertainment

7-year-old asks a news anchor if she's single and it's the most confident play ever

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 10:40

A lot of people get worked up about asking someone out. It takes a lot of guts to get over that all-too-familiar fear of rejection and humiliation.

Not 7-year-old cancer survivor Erin Cross, though.

SEE ALSO: Adorable lifeguard puppy saves kids from drowning

Erin went on ITV news following her winning a WellChild award. The WellChild Awards are granted to inspirational children who are seriously ill, and Erin won hers for showing incredible optimism in the face of leukemia. 

Towards the end of her interview with ITV news anchor Lucrezia Millarini, Erin was told she had 10 seconds left to ask one more question. Read more...

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Lenovo's 25th anniversary ThinkPad is a huge throwback to 1992

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 10:19

I am literally as old as the ThinkPad.

When I was born in 1992, that's when floppy disks seemed high-tech, and when Microsoft Windows 3.1 was latest OS on the market. That's also when the first IBM ThinkPad was introduced. 

SEE ALSO: Finally, you can lightsaber duel Darth Vader and Kylo ren in augmented reality

For all of the business laptop's changes internally, it'll always be associated with its black design and red trackpoint.

The 25th anniversary ThinkPad.

Image: lenovo

That's why its dedicated fanbase asked for the ThinkPad's 25th anniversary version to come with some of the older features they loved from 1992. Read more...

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This trailer mashing up 'Blade Runner 2049' with 'La La Land' is almost too perfect

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 10:12

You might not think La La Land and Blade Runner 2049 would be particularly compatible in a mashup scenario, but you'd be wrong.

The trailer above proves it.

SEE ALSO: 'Mean Girls' reimagined as a forbidden lesbian romance feels too right

The 70-second teaser, put together by YouTuber TheDoctorOfWill, features Ryan Gosling whistling as he strolls into an abandoned building in an eery orange futurescape.

Nailed. It.

More about Mashup, Trailer, La La Land, Blade Runner 2049, and Entertainment

Mayim Bialik apologises for her 'victim blaming' New York Times op-ed on sexual harassment

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 10:02

Mayim Bialik has apologised for her New York Times op-ed on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which many people felt blamed the victims of sexual assault

SEE ALSO: Mayim Bialik's thoughts on sexual harassment miss the point: It's men that need to fix this.

As women stepped forward with accusations of harassment and assault last week, Bialik weighed in with her personal experience of working in Hollywood, and her thoughts on how she chooses to dress and behave around men. 

"I still make choices every day as a 41-year-old actress that I think of as self-protecting and wise," Bialik wrote. "I have decided that my sexual self is best reserved for private situations with those I am most intimate with. I dress modestly. I don’t act flirtatiously with men as a policy." Read more...

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Chelsea Handler won't do another season of her Netflix show so she can focus on activism

Mashable - Social Media Marketing tips - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 09:58

Chelsea, Chelsea Handler's weekly talk show, will not be returning for a third season on Netflix, the comedian has announced with a statement on Twitter. 

SEE ALSO: Chelsea Handler calls Instagram sexist for taking down her topless photo

Handler said the presidential election and the dramatic events that followed "galvanized" her and persuaded her to scrap the show in favour of a renewed political activism. 

"From the national level down to the grassroots, it's clear our decisions at the ballot box next year will mark a defining moment for our nation," she wrote in the post. 

"For those reasons, I've decided not to return for another season of Chelsea and instead devote as much time as I can to becoming a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen and to focus on projects that have significance to me." Read more...

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