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New York company Animoto ( has a website and products that are made to make life easy! The promotional video software they offer is available free of charge or, if you want to be more adventurous with it, at a nominal subscription rate.

So what does it do? In simple terms, it takes a number of images that you upload and creates a dynamic slideshow in video format.  It doesn't end there though - you can add titles, text overlays, transitional effects and even backing tracks such as music and voice overlays.

As a tool for business, this is a great component in your marketing toolkit - just think - introductory videos for your website, or perhaps to showcase a product or service that you offer.  For realtors, you can create showpieces for each property listing with ease - excellent value added for clients and a great way to get ahead.

As Animoto say on their website - 'making awesome easier'. We wanted to see just how easy it was, and created a demo in less than 3 minutes! Check it out :)

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