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Mobile websites for iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones

A mobile site is more than a duplicate of your business web site.  It's an opportunity to reach a new market of customers who live, eat and breathe mobile technology.  A website displayed on a smartphone is at risk of appearing burdensome, slow to load, too small to read and hard to navigate.  Websites, after all, are tailored for desktop computers in most cases.

Fresh Creative has a unique offer for customers - a mobile version of your website that will showcase your business products and services in a way that is efficient and effective for mobile users.  Our mobile platforms include the iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms, and your mobile sites have the resilience and backing of a robust Content Management System.

Mobile websites for iPhone, Blackberry and Android

With easy to use navigation, logical screen progression and content styled specifically for the device, it has never been easier to promote your business and reach new customers in the palm of their hand.

Our mobile package starts at just $375 and offers up to 5 pages of content, design and theme and a content management system so you can keep your site up-to-date as often as you wish.



iPhone Apps

Our development team are also keen iPhone Object C developers!  If you want to create your own iPhone app for distribution through the Apple Store, then talk to us about iPhone App development.  Your app can integrate with your website and provide direct interaction with your customers.  For more information about iPhone Apps or for a quotation, contact us.

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