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content management and the Drupal CMSManage your content with the Drupal Content Management System

Web technology has evolved substantially over the last few years - the days of long and complicated programs being written to make your website do dynamic things are a thing of the past. New technology, and a new movement in the way that websites are approached has led to a revolution in Content Management Systems (CMS).  You may recognize terms such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal and their relationship to managing and maintaining your website, but do you actually know what goes into a CMS and what benefits it holds?

Fresh Creative Inc. has been involved with content management systems for many years and we now recommend Drupal as the platform of choice. Drupal is an open source CMS - in essence, the programs that run and maintain your website content are all public domain and contributed by several authors from around the world. For you as the end user and customer, this provides excellent resource and value in the number of contributions and the programs that are in place as you don't have to purchase any specialist software or have a programmer code much on your website.  The CMS manages your page content for you using a suite of small programs called 'modules'.

The Drupal CMS is used widely, including secure websites such as the White House!  It really doesn't get a better recommendation than that!

Using Drupal, we design custom website themes for our customers, you still have that unique design and flair that sets you apart from other companies, and then program the theme to work within the Drupal framework.  Drupal offers us a number of modules to choose from, including the various web components we have listed on this website, including online stores, payment gateway integration, dynamic slideshows, blogs, user forums, even secure access for staff and documents.

The Drupal CMS doesn't cost you a penny - that's right, not a bean! We take the Drupal CMS and apply your theme and branding and offer it to you to manage your website.  Using Drupal, you can log in securely, access your page content and add or edit it in much the same way as you would with Microsoft Word or typing an email.  We'll code the complicated bits and show you how to do the rest.  Drupal is also highly scalable, so if you're just starting out, it's a great foundation from which to add more functionality and grow your web presence.

We love Drupal, and we built this site on it too!

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What's in a CMS?

  • Ability to add, edit and manage your content
  • Easily upload new images and photos
  • Add contact forms for your customers
  • Create dynamic slideshow and image effects
  • Boost your SEO rankings
  • Add new functionality and modules when you need them
  • Integrate your website with your backoffice systems
  • Link your content dynamically to social media sites
  • Share your content with feeds
  • Aggregate other website content into your website
  • Manage user accounts and permissions
  • Manage online shopping and e-Commerce
  • Create invoices and manage online orders
  • Integrate multimedia including video and audio files
  • Take complete control over your website

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