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SKU: RP-NW-001

With a regular email newsletter or bulletin you can reach hundreds of new and existing customers and share information about your business products and services. Email is one of the most-used methods of modern communication and business owners need to stay on top of the curve using email to their best advantage.

An email newsletter is formatted to reflect your company or personal brand. You have a template that you can reuse time and time again to send information to customers and to share with new subscribers easily. The newsletter is formatted in plain text (for people who only have limited email abilities) and in rich HTML with the ability to add images and links back to your own website.

All newsletters are able to be monitored with metrics that include the number of times the newsletter has been opened, who opened it, and who clicked on which content. Find out which of your customers are hot prospects and what they are actively looking at. A great, efficient and economical marketing tool.

[NOTE: Please email your images, articles and newsletter content to or call our design desk at 250-585-8156 for more information]

Price: $125.00

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