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Eye-catching and trackable- an e-Blast to promote your products and services
Promote your property listings and grab valuable attention from clients

An e-Blast is a great way of sending out a message to your customers. If you have a bulletin, perhaps an article, or a new service, or even a property listing that you want to circulate to a large number of people in a graphic and eye-catching way, then this is the way to do it.

One of the best things about e-Blasts is the ability to share the information using digital channels such as email, text and social media, and above all the ability to measure the success and distribution of your mailer.

The e-Blast takes your content, formats it into an HTML email message and then we can help you distribute it using a mass-mailing platform and track responses. Your e-Blast can then be used on your website in the same format, saving you additional time and money.

[Note: Please email your content and images to, or call our design desk at 250-585-8156]

Price: $65.00

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