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Request a quote for Web Desgn or Marketing


Our design process is efficient and important for getting projects done on time. Here’s an outline of how we like to work and how we approach your design project, whether it be for the web or print.


We will send you a questionnaire or meet with you in person to help figure out the details of your project. Once we have a strong understanding of what you need we provide an estimate. Our estimates form the basis of our contract and are priced to give you a good idea of the total cost of your project.


After researching your industry and any competitors we will produce two or three design concepts for your project, allowing you to choose which one works best for your needs.


Often we need to make changes to the design based on your suggestions. Together, we may go through one to three rounds of revisions. We always want you to walk away satisfied.


You can choose to receive your completed design in several formats. We can give you a Photoshop file, a flat file or (if its for the web) or we can provide it in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s your choice. We can also add or transfer your existing content to your new Web site. We may provide a Style Guide for your developers and future designers to use.


Your finished code arrives on disc or is installed directly on your server via FTP. Complimentary training will be provided for content management systems (like Drupal or Wordpress).

Follow Up

After the site is up, we may contact you occasionally to make sure everything is running smoothly. If we set you up with Drupal or Wordpress, backups of your data will be made automatically. You will receive the excellent service you deserve.

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Transparent Pricing

Our committment to you is as transparent as our pricing structure. We only charge for the work we do. No agency fees, no fixed fees or hidden extras, just simple, honest and transparent pricing. When you start your Fresh Creative Project, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of work, with the project broken down into understandable work packages and priced accordingly. Our estimates are accurate and reflect the time we think it will take to complete your project.  In addition, as soon as your project starts you get access to your own copy of our timesheets - that's right, YOU see our timesheets as soon as we start work.  You can monitor our progress, see the notes we make and see exactly what we've spent to date. Wehn we finish your project, if we've not spent as much as we quoted, you don't pay the difference.  Only pay for the work we do. Ethical. Fair. Transparent. Fresh.

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