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Fresh Creative Graphic & Web Design Inc. has a team of designers, programmers and marketeers that are there to help you with your projects. Our team is small and we work well together, each bringing new skills and perspective to our work. We have carefully selected people that work well together and with the very best customer relationship skills you'll find on Vancouver Island.

President and Owner

Andy comes from a background in software development, web portals and marketing. Andy has worked in the UK and Canada for several years with all levels of business, from central government to independent business people and entrepreneurs. Andy enjoys the challenge that design and marketing brings and approaches every project with enthusiasm.  He started Fresh Creative Graphic & Web Design after working with other successful design companies on the Island. Running a company and being able to steer the direction is both fulfilling and provides challenge, opportunity and adventure!

Partner and Business Development Manager

Ryan is exactly what you would think of when you think entrepreneur. His natural energy and drive makes him an ideal fit with Fresh Creative. Seeking out new opportunities and developing social media and web-based systems is a gift for Ryan. His interpersonal skills and ability to really understand customers needs help drive the company forward, bringing new projects and partnerships that take existing technologies to the next level. Ryan will often pick up the phone with the "can we make this work and do it like this" attitude that keeps our developers on their toes!

Social Media Consultant

Ali is a natural marketeer and social media goddess! Knowing how the technology works and being able to bring it to life is only part of what Ali does. With a background in marketing and with social media skills that put most people to shame, Ali is a perfect fit to the Fresh Creative team, driving projects forward and making sure that when the message needs to get out, it really does! Ali is also an entrepreneur and runs her own businesses, bringing youth, energy and experience to the mix and helping Fresh Creative clients achieve their true digital potential.

Photography and Design

An eye for detail and concept is essential part of Trish's work. With high-quality, professional photography and an eye for design, Trish is either behind the lens or in front of the screen making the magic happen. Trish's portfolio includes client photos and portrait images and local scenery as well as a wealth of design from postcards and brochures to client websites.  

Design and Coding

Have you ever wondered how imagination can come to life? Just watch Cory at work! Taking client concepts and turning them into eye-catching print and digital masterpieces is all in a days work. Cory has a particualr eye for web design and with his background knowledge and coding, he is able to design feature-rich websites that do "just what they say on the tin".  

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