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Custom realtor branding

custom realtor branding

As a realtor competition can be tough.  Your market needs to know you and recognize your brand for you to continue to have success.  Your brand is more than just your image, it's everything from how people perceive you to customer feelings to the way you do business.  Branding is more than a few business cards and a logo and that's why Fresh Creative inc. has developed custom branding packages for realtors that give you the image you need.

Our branding packages include:

  • Branding Strategy Document
  • Custom logo/wordmark or icon
  • Tag line development
  • Graphics standards document
  • Custom marketing materials including:
  • Business cards
  • Introduction postcards
  • For Sale, Sold and Open house boards

We offer branding packages to suit all budgets, so if you are a recently qualified realtor, we can create a branding startup with the essentials to get you marketing yourself. For an information pack and to find out more about our custom realtor packages, fill in the form below and we'll email you a presentation pack.

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Realtor WebsitesGenerate new client leads and promote your listings faster with a dynamic property listing site from Fresh Creative inc.

When your business is promoting real estate for sale, you need a dynamic and interactive web presence that will promote your realty services, your property listings and that will generate sales leads. Your website needs to work for you! Our professional web design, combained with dynamic programming and fully functional content management, gives you the power to build your business faster.

For more information about realty websites click here.

Realty Listing e-BlastsDynamic and creative property listings that email your clients and showcase your brand

A simple and FREE way to promote your listings to your clients. Whether you have several listings or want to feature a new listing, this ios the ideal way to get your property listings in front of potential buyers. Our listing e-Blasts take your property information directly from your website or MLS board and package it into a branded email with direct links back to your website. A great marketing tool that provides great returns.

For more information click here.

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