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It may sound like a lot of work, but having an online newsletter is actually quite simple, especially with the online newsletter management and publication tools that come with the Drupal Content Management System (CMS).

The system operates on subscription lists - you start by adding all your contacts from your customer databases and email accounts into a mailing list on your website.  This information is held securely and can only be accessed by you, so no worries there! You create a newsletter as a mass-email that sends in groups of recipients to your mailing list.  Each person will receive their newsletter or e-Blast in their email inbox in HTML format, which means we can provide text and images in the content and continue your branding across the medium.

The newsletter works in the same way as editing your web pages.  The content management system has an administration system specifically for newsletters, so you can create, edit and test your marketing news before sending it out.

A newsletter would typically have a number of small articles or bulletins that link back to content on your website.  In addition, we often add your website links to your newsletter to open your website to potential visits from the reader

The newsletter can also contain links back to your website - these are a great way of identifying people who are interested in your products or services and you have a number of tools within the website CMS that help you to track which leads are good for follow up later on.

It's common practice to have a subscription box somewhere prominent on the website, so new subscribers can join your mailing list at any time.  This will help you build marketing lists for future use and generate new customers.

The newsletter also has a double opt-in system.  When a subscriber is added to your list they have the ability to acknowledge their subscription and also to unsubscribe at any time by simply clicking on a link that appears at the bottom of your mailings.  It's so simple and yet so effective!

To find out more about subscription systems, or to see it in practice, why not subscribe to the Fresh Creative Inc. newsletter? You can view previous Fresh Creative mailers here.

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