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online stores, selling your products and services online

Many businesses use an online web presence as another outlet to retail their products or services to clients.  When you consider the number of clients that access your website on a daily basis, even a small percentage converting to an online sale will increase revenue and generate your customer base. Online stores don't have to be all about selling trinkets and product, it could be to sell a service that you offer, or a subscription, or even for a pay-as-you-go download for eBooks or software.

Fresh Creative inc. has been provisioning online stores for many years and our staff understand the complexities of configuring your product catalogue and setting up shipping and taxation.  We will help you through the process of adding your stock, and will discuss with you how we can integrate into one of several shipping companies to deliver your products to your customer.

We also work with online payment gateways to provide credit and debit card payment processing for all your transactions.  We will show you which gateways will work for your business and will discuss how the rates will vary according to the quantitiy of transactions and the provider you choose.

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Check out the components we offer listed below. A fully content managed website can have any combination of these components built in. Simple, effective ways to grow your business.


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