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Social Media Sharing

Share your content with social media networksSocial media has really changed the way that we do business and your website needs to include these specialist tools to stay on the map and reach networks of potential customers.  Your website can be configured so that your content and messaging is shared automatically with a number of social media platforms, from Facebook and Twiter to YouTube, Picasa and more. 

When you enter content into your website, for example a new photograph, or article or a simple calendar event, your website will automatically post these items forward into the social media platforms we have configured for you.  You will start to build an online following and a new customer base of people who appreciate your products and services.

Social media is a great way of attracting new business and building brand recognition.

Having a Strategy

Your social media presence is more than a few posts about the local weather, it's abaout engaging with your customer, developing a relationship and maintainaing contact.  Think of social media as you would a party of friends.  You're out and socializing, meeting new people, swapping business cards, sharing ideas and thoughts and generating conversation about mutual interests. Your relationship develops over time, and soon you're regularly keeping in touch.  Social media is the same process, you are in control over your content and the messaging that you want to send.  It's too easy to just send out a 'this week we're offering' or 'if you buy this before Friday'... but that just doesn't cut it any more.  Consumers are savvy, their lives revolve around a bombardment of information, from email and feeds, notifications and posts to traditional methods such as advertising marketing materials. Your message needs to reach your consumer in a friendly and personalized way using the platforms that they are familiar with and comfortable using.

A good social media strategy will help you map out the 'what should I talk about next', with a combination of marketing information, conversation topics and promotions that will encourage your customer to interact with you. Fresh Creative Graphic & Web Design has been actively building social media strategies and promotional marketing for companies for many years. What's more, a social media strategy is simply the starting point.  It's your plan, and the roadmap for the future - you control the content and can manage the posting, we'll show you how to do it right.


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